Seeds Probiotics: Planting the Future of Gut Health

Seed probiotic for women

Probiotics have long been heralded as the champions of gut health, but their journey is far from static. Enter “Seed,” a pioneering company at the forefront of probiotic evolution.


Seed has revolutionized the world of probiotics. In an age where health-conscious consumers seek cutting-edge solutions for their well-being, Seed has redefined the landscape with its innovative approach to nurturing the microbiome.




A New Standard in Probiotics


The probiotic paradigm shift


Traditionally, probiotics were seen as a one-size-fits-all solution for digestive health.

Seed recognized that the microbiome is as unique as our fingerprints. In response, they introduced a groundbreaking concept: precision probiotics. These carefully crafted formulations take into account the diverse ecosystem within our gut, ensuring that specific strains target individual needs.


The science of seed


At the heart of Seed’s success lies a dedication to science and research. They collaborate with leading scientists, doctors, and researchers from around the world to curate strains that are not only effective but also backed by rigorous scientific evidence. Seed’s commitment to transparency means they openly share the science behind each of their products, empowering consumers with knowledge.


Seed DS-01Daily Synbiotic


For Gastrointestinal + Whole-body Health


A dual-action probiotic and prebiotic encapsulated within a 2-in-1 design. Specifically crafted for individuals aged 18 and above, it comprises 24 probiotic strains that have undergone clinical and scientific scrutiny, coupled with a prebiotic derived from polyphenols, all geared towards promoting overall systemic well-being.


ViaCap Delivery Technology 


Seed Probiotic distinguishes itself with its groundbreaking ViaCap Delivery Technology. This innovative approach ensures the safe and effective delivery of probiotics to the gut, protecting them from the harsh conditions of the stomach, such as stomach acid, so they can reach their intended destination—the intestines—intact and ready to provide maximum benefit.


Science-based probiotics


  • 53.6 Billion AFU.

  • No refrigeration required, vegan, gluten-tested.

  • Broad-spectrum formulation with multiple strains from within species (24 strains).

  • Systemic benefits beyond the gut (the integrity of the gut barrier, immune function in the gut, cardiovascular health, skin health, and the synthesis of essential micronutrients).

  • 100% survival through simulated digestion (stomach acid, bile salts, and digestive enzymes).

  • Testing performed at 3rd party accredited laboratories.

  • With 50+ quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) checkpoints, Seed monitors supplements purity under both US and European protocols.

  • Whole-genome testing via shotgun sequencing of microbial DNA.

  • Heat, moisture and light protected—no refrigeration required.





Sustainability and ethics


Seed’s vision extends beyond health alone. They’re passionate about preserving the planet for future generations. As part of their sustainability efforts, Seed packages its probiotics in an eco-friendly, plant-based capsule that reduces plastic waste. They also support ethical sourcing practices, ensuring that every ingredient they use is sustainably harvested.


The synbiotic approach


Seed goes beyond just probiotics. They embrace the concept of “synbiotics,” combining prebiotics and probiotics to create a nurturing environment for beneficial gut bacteria. This holistic approach sets the stage for robust gut health, bolstering digestion, immunity, and overall well-being.


Why choose DS-01® Daily Synbiotic?


Your body is a home to trillions of microorganisms, including 38 trillion bacteria, forming your microbiome. They’re vital for digestion, inflammation control, and producing essential substances.


Modern lifestyles, characterized by antibiotic overuse, alcohol, sugar, stress, and more, disrupt this balance, harming our health. DS-01® is a groundbreaking synbiotic with clinically studied probiotics that benefit the gut and influence overall health.



Sustainably delivered, monthly.


Seed DS-01 Daily Synbiotic probiotics are only available on a subscription basis. They cost $49.99 per month and ship free throughout the US (international orders include a $10 shipping fee).


Month 1 — Welcome Kit


With your monthly subscription, you’ll receive a 30-day provision of DS-01®. Your initial shipment, known as the Welcome Kit, comprises a reusable glass container containing your first month’s supply, educational Seed materials, and a convenient travel vial that accommodates a week’s worth of DS-01® to ensure you stay on track even when you’re on the move.


  • Refillable Glass Jar

  • Glass Travel Vial

  • 30 Day Supply (60 Capsules)


Seed Month Welcome Kit



Month 2 — Sustainable Refills


  • 30 Day Supply (60 Capsules)


Global impact


Seed’s influence isn’t confined to the United States; it’s a global movement. They’re committed to making a difference worldwide by supporting initiatives that improve access to clean water and healthcare in underserved communities. With every Seed product purchased, a donation is made to these vital causes.


A glimpse into the future


As Seed continues to evolve the world of probiotics, it raises a tantalizing question:

What does the future hold for gut health? With their ongoing commitment to research, innovation, and sustainability, Seed’s journey is bound to inspire even more significant advances in the world of microbiome science.


In the evolution of probiotics, Seed stands as a beacon of progress, lighting the way for a brighter, gut-centric future.


If you’re dealing with digestive issues or seeking to enhance your overall well-being, exploring this innovative probiotic could be a valuable consideration.

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