The Diet of the Common Sense – healthy nutrition hacks for active people.

  • Do you struggle to understand the jungle of nutrition and still feel confused about its complexity?
  • Are you an active person having to focus on many daily tasks and want a simple 5 principles model for improving your health, energy and productivity?
  • Do you want to reduce stress, avoid mood swings and have better mental focus?
  • Do you wonder how to stay healthy when you work 60+ hours a week?

… then The Diet of the Common Sense may by the right approach for you.

What is the Diet of the Common Sense?

  • A nutrition guideline for modern individuals who are looking for simple and smart food choices for optimal health.
  • A practical approach to nutrition for entrepreneurs, busy professionals, students and other active people.
  • The 5 STARS Principles approach simple enough to help you make the changes stick long term.

Meet Sarah & John – a modern couple conscious about their health and wellbeing

John is an entrepreneur and Sarah is a marketing superwoman.

For 2 years now, they have embarked on a Health Journey – The Diet of the Common Sense – the common sense approach for MODERN PEOPLE to stay healthy, improve energy and mental power.

John eats for energy and mental power. He wants to perform at his best. He also runs marathons and occasionally hikes. 2 years ago he went on a 30 days challenge for a healthier lifestyle and after that period he sticked with only what felt the right choices for him.

Sarah gradually adopted a plant based diet. She used to try a lot of diets in the past, but they proved restrictive and eventually the additional kilos came back. She also used to have a lot of colds and allergies in the past, but after she became more conscious about her health and worked on her immunity, she was amazed about her new state of health and wellbeing. The low calorie foods keep her in great shape, besides providing amazing benefits for her health and skin.

Smart Solutions for Busy People

The Diet of the Common Sense - Superfoods

Meals Delivery

Make healthy eating easier by having your meals delivered to your door

The Diet of the Common Sense - Healthy Snacks

Healthy Snacks

For the office, in the car or when you travel, they get your cravings covered

The Diet of the Common Sense - Supplements


When we can’t get everything right with our food choices, we need to supplement

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