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What is Viome?


Viome is a health assessment firm that employs artificial intelligence (AI) to scrutinize an individual’s gut biology, thereby providing valuable insights into their well-being. Through this service, tailored dietary suggestions and custom supplements are offered based on the outcomes of these tests.


Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Washington, United States, Viome is a health testing enterprise. Employing artificial intelligence (AI), Viome scrutinizes microbes and mRNA from samples and utilizes a gene expression database to detect chronic illnesses and various health issues, including cancer and aging.


The company’s primary goal is to empower individuals with a deeper understanding of their bodies and overall health through these tests.


As per its official website, Viome places its emphasis on disease prediction, early diagnosis, health forecasting, and the provision of precision therapeutics, which pertains to personalized nutritional approaches for managing health conditions.


According Viome, they achieve this by furnishing individuals with tailored dietary and lifestyle advice, along with supplements such as prebiotics, probiotics, and custom-formulated vitamins based on an individual’s test outcomes.




Who is Viome for?


Viome could be a valuable option for individuals seeking a comprehensive insight into their distinct microbiome composition, enabling them to make personalized adjustments to their diet and lifestyle in line with their health considerations.


The company suggests that its test results may be advantageous for individuals with the following circumstances:


  • Chronic ailments like Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and depression.

  • Nutrition-related conditions such as obesity or diabetes.

  • Gastrointestinal disorders, including IBS, inflammatory bowel disease, and Crohn’s disease.

  • Dermatological concerns such as acne.

  • Individuals interested in early disease detection and the identification of specific types of cancer may find their tests beneficial.


The increase demand for gut microbiome testing


In recent years, there has been a growing trend in promoting the importance of enhancing gut health, resulting in an increase in the availability of DIY test kits designed to analyze your gut microbiome.


Among the prominent companies offering these tests, Viome stands out, offering at-home kits for assessing gut health and other health indicators.


Although a growing number of individuals are showing interest in evaluating their gut health, especially as research uncovers links between gut health and aspects such as the immune system, mood, mental well-being, autoimmune disorders, and skin conditions, it’s important to note that current scientific evidence does not yet fully endorse the use of at-home gut microbiome tests.


What exactly is a gut microbiome test?


Such a test serves the purpose of assessing the array of various microorganisms inhabiting your gastrointestinal tract. To conduct these assessments, stool samples are typically analyzed.


In essence, a gut microbiome test is designed to detect the diversity of microbes present in your gut, as well as any indications of inflammation, yeast proliferation, bacterial overgrowth, or the presence of parasites. Moreover, it can identify markers associated with common conditions, like calprotectin, which is linked to inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).






Viome provides both single-purchase test options and subscription-based plans. The subscription plans encompass probiotic and prebiotic supplements, along with yearly testing.


Areas, Insights and Solutions


  • Digestive Health Insights

  • Energy & Performance Insights

  • Brain Health & Mood Insights

  • Immune Health Insights

  • Oral Health Insights

  • Weight & Metabolic Health Insights

  • Sleep Quality Insights

  • Heart Health Insights


Health Kits & Prices


The most advanced health plan for ultimate resilience & longevity – includes: Full Body Intelligence™ Test, Precision Supplements™ and Precision Probiotics + Prebiotics™ ($199/monthUSD)


Supplements & probiotics uniquely formulated to meet your gut’s needs – includes: Gut Intelligence™ Test, Precision Probiotics + Prebiotics™ ($69.95/monthUSD)


Oral Health Test – includes: Oral Health Intelligence™ Test, VRx My·Biotics™ Oral Lozenges ($69/monthUSD)


Full Body Intelligence™ Test – sample collection: Stool, Blood, Saliva: $299 USD. Save $100 with code LIVEWELL


Gut Intelligence™ Test – Personalized nutrition for better digestive and gut health support – test $179 . Save $80 with code LIVEWELLELL.


Oral Health Intelligence™  Test – Target the root causes of gum inflammation, problematic teeth, and bad breath. – $179 USD. Save $80 with code LIVEWELLE.


Health Intelligence™ Test (Gut Microbiome + Human Cells) – $239 USD. Save $100 with code LIVEWELL.


CancerDetect™ Test for Oral & Throat Cancer – Detect biomarkers associated with early-stage oral & throat cancers. – $299USD.


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Is Viome’s effectiveness supported by scientific evidence?


Some research suggests that microbiome tests have the potential to assess an individual’s risk of specific diseases. Additionally, other studies propose that these screenings can be instrumental in optimizing an individual’s gut environment through dietary strategies, including the use of probiotic and prebiotic supplements.


However, it’s important to note that the studies validating the effectiveness of Viome’s products may not be entirely dependable, and they are not intended for disease diagnosis. A microbiome test gauges an individual’s gut health by examining and identifying the array of microorganism species in their gut.

Viome offers microbiome testing and gene expression analysis, which allows individuals to receive personalized supplementation aimed at enhancing their gut biodiversity and empowering them to improve their nutritional and overall health.


How is Viome unique from other tests?


Viome stands as the exclusive company employing RNA sequencing technology to delve not only into the composition of microbes within your microbiome but also their distinct activities in your body in comparison to those in other individuals.


Viome adopts a comprehensive systems biology approach, wherein they examine the entirety of the body, encompassing cellular, molecular, organ, and tissue systems, to comprehensively tackle the underlying reasons why crucial functions may falter, potentially causing illness or the daily symptoms you might encounter.


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