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How Do Actors Lose Weight So Fast?

How do actors lose weight so fast? At Hollywood, actors lose and gain weight at an alarming speed. For new roles, post-pregnancy, to look good on the red carpet, at Hollywood weight loss seems effortless. It only takes a few months until they’ve lost it all. What are their secrets?

Everything Kylie Jenner Eats in a Day

Food Diaries: Everything Kylie Jenner Eats in a Day

“If there was a face of hangry, it would be me,” Kylie Jenner, the 22-year-old beauty mogul, says in one episode of Food Diaries, for Harper’s BAZAAR.
Promoting the beauty from within, Kylie Jenner mentions in an interview what she eats in a day. Healthy food, as well as cravings and cheat meals, and sometimes chosing foods depending on her mood.

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