A Day in the Life of a Fitness Enthusiast: Building Muscle with a Balanced Diet In 12 Weeks (Video)

What I eat to build muscles in 12 weeks

In this video, we’ll take a glimpse into the daily routine of a fitness enthusiast who is dedicated to building muscle while maintaining a balanced diet – in 12 weekes!

Her day revolves around intense workout sessions, healthy meals, and even a cheat treat. Let’s dive into her daily routine.



FULL DAY OF EATING & TRAINING To Build Muscle In 12 Weeks





Morning Workout Routine


Our fitness enthusiast starts her day with an intense morning workout routine. Her routine involves a series of exercises designed to build muscle and improve overall fitness. She believes that “growth happens when you are on the edge of your comfort zone.”


Her workout routine includes:

  • Warming up to prepare her muscles for the session.

  • Focusing on quads and calves to develop leg strength.

  • Incorporating compound lifts that engage multiple muscle groups.

  • Performing exercises with intent, emphasizing form and control.

  • Adding variety with exercises like lateral and Bulgarian squats.

  • Finishing with calf raises and stretching.


Grocery Shopping


After her rigorous workout, our fitness enthusiast takes a break to go grocery shopping. She understands the importance of selecting nutritious ingredients to support her fitness goals.


Breakfast: Shakshuka – A Satisfying One-Pan Dish


For breakfast, she prepares a delicious and satisfying meal – Shakshuka. This one-pan dish consists of the following ingredients:


  • Chopped onions and red peppers.

  • A mixture of tomato juice and condiments.

  • One egg poached in the spicy tomato sauce.

Shakshuka is a hearty and flavorful breakfast option that provides essential nutrients and energy for her day.


She also has avocado on toast.


Quick Lunch


Her lunch is a quick and healthy option – a cucumber salad accompanied by chicken. She even makes a bagel to round out her meal, ensuring she gets the necessary protein and fiber for her active lifestyle.


Afternoon Indulgence


After a visit to the bookstore and a yoga class, our fitness enthusiast treats herself to a cheat meal – 2 Dunkin Donuts. It’s important to indulge occasionally and enjoy a favorite treat while still maintaining a balanced diet.


Dinner: Nourishing Chicken Soup


For dinner, she opts for a nourishing chicken soup. This meal includes chicken broth with a variety of vegetables. It’s a wholesome and comforting dinner option that supports muscle recovery and overall well-being.


This fitness enthusiast’s daily routine demonstrates the importance of a well-rounded approach to building muscle and maintaining a balanced diet.

From intense workouts that push her limits to nutritious meals and occasional indulgences, her routine is designed to support her fitness goals and overall health. Remember, balance is key to achieving long-term success in your fitness journey.

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