Hello Fresh Review – America’s Number One Meal Kit

Hello Fresh Meals Delivery

Are you looking to save time and money, while being able to eat fresh and healthy meals as a family, at home?

Are you looking to enjoy cooking, with quick and easy recipes, and have tasty and varied meals for you and your family?



Welcome Hello Fresh America’s #1 Meal Kit!


HelloFresh SE is a publicly traded meal-kit company based in Berlin, Germany. It is the largest meal-kit provider in the United States, and also has operations in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Europe and Japan.


With HelloFresh, cooking is healthier than eating out, and much easier and less time-consuming than meal planning, shopping, ingredients portioning and cooking. Enjoy the experience of cooking thanks to photo-guided, step-by-step instructions and useful tips and tricks.


A HelloFresh meal subscription lets you enjoy delicious dinners with minimal effort. Just customize your meal subscription according to your lifestyle and dietary restrictions, order easily with the HelloFresh mobile app, have your meal boxes delivered to your door in portioned ingredients. HelloFresh saves you time and money compared to shopping at the grocery store or eating at a restaurant.


Besides low prices and ongoing promos and discounts, great meals versatility, you can also eat more sustainably with this popular meal delivery service. There’s must be more than price and convenience that recommends HelloFresh as America’s most popular meal kit.


Let’s dive right in!


Hello Fresh Meal Delivery Service



Variety of meal plans


HelloFresh has a variety of meal plans to choose from, with ingredients that are locally sourced and delivered based on subscribers’ preferences.


HelloFresh offers a selection of 55+ menu and market items each week, featuring a wide variety of meat, fish, and seasonal produce. HelloFresh’s weekly meals are designed by professional chefs and nutrition experts.


HelloFresh offers six flexible plans to meet the needs of exery household: Meat & Veggies, Veggie, Low Calorie, Family Friendly, Quick and Easy and Pescatarian.




• The Meat & Veggies plan is great for omnivores, with options including meat, fish, and seasonal produce.

• The Veggie plan is perfect for vegetarians, featuring a variety of fresh fruits and veggies, grains and meatless proteins.

• Choose the Family Friendly Plan if you have kids and enjoy kid-friendly, quick and easy-to-cook meals.

•  If you’re trying to lose weight, try the Low Calorie plan, with dietician-approved meals that are around 650 calories each.

• The Quick & Easy plan is easy to get started with. Enjoy quick and easy recipes, so that cooking will not be a burden. Enjoy fresh takes on meals that are on the table in ~30 minutes.

• The Pescatarian plan lets you enjoy fresh seafood dishes, paired with seasonal, naturally produced veggies.





Choose a plan based on your lifestyle and needs


• customize your preferences: choose your plan size and delivery frequency

• order easily with the HelloFresh’s mobile app

• await home delivery at the preset time

• enjoy cooking your meals in 30 minutes or less.



Easy subscription management


Subscribers can easily manage their orders and deliveries through HelloFresh’s mobile app, and have their meals delivered at their convenience.

HelloFresh customer care team is available to answer any questions or issues.



Eat more sustainably with America’s #1 Meal Kit


If you’re looking to reduce food waste, HelloFresh meal kits are a great solution. You’ll get the right ingredients in the right portions, delivered right to your door. This way you also save time and save on gas as you reduce the number of visits to the grocery store.


The boxes HelloFresh uses to ship the food is made almost entirely from recyclable and/or already recycled materials. HelloFresh is also the first global carbon neutral meal kit company.


This makes HelloFresh is a great option for the eco-friendly person who values their time, health, and the environment.

Try a flexible meal subscription plan that adjusts to your lifestyle.


And last but not least, enjoy the exclusive promotions and ongoing discounts!



Hello Fresh United States


Get started with America’s #1 Meal Kit and see for yourself why HelloFresh is rated as #1 for every household, appetite, and schedule. Even for the small ones – especially if they love the Minions and making pizza.


Enjoy This Exclusive Discount:  Get 16 free meals across 7 boxes + first box ships free + 3 surprise gifts




Hello Fresh UK


Spend less time shopping and cut food waste, while enjoying delicious meals every week!


Welcome Promo: Get 50% off your first order and 35% off for the next 3 boxes!



Hello Fresh UK promo code



Ongoing Promo: Save every week! Get 50% off for fresh, pre-portioned ingredients and delicious recipes delivered every week!


Hello Fresh United Kingdom




Hello Fresh Canada


Welcome Promo:  Get $89.99 off fresh, pre-portioned ingredients and delicious recipes delivered every week!



Hello Fresh Canada



Hello Fresh Australia


Welcome Promo: Get up to $90 off your first four boxes!



Hello Fresh AU




Ongoing Promo: Save every week! Get over 40% off!



Hello Fresh Australia discount code




Hello Fresh Japan



Hello Fresh Japan




Hello Fresh New Zealand


Ongoing Promo:  Get up to $120 off! Order now!

Hello Fresh New Zealand




 Hello Fresh Top Reviews



HelloFresh also has the most 5-star reviews of any meal kit (that’s over 10,000 perfect reviews from happy customers!) for a reason.



Top Reviews from www.consumeraffairs.com


Overall score: 3.8/5 from 5,743 reviews



Hello Fresh Meal Prep Service Review
Hello Fresh Meal Prep Service Review



“My husband and I love ordering from HelloFresh! The food is definitely fresh. The recipes are easy to understand and taste great! There’s a lot of great variety with the meals as well. Whether you want beef, pork, chicken, fish or vegetables they have it all! The little add-ons at the end I really need as well. We loved all the meals with the chicken sausage and have ordered extra when they have it available. I also like the flexibility of only needing to order two meals a week but if you want more you can. We’ve been ordering from here over a year now and will probably continue to do so.”  (Carey of Allentown, NJ, www.consumeraffairs.com)


“I have tried three different delivery services and HelloFresh was by far the most tasty. The recipes actually opened my mind into new ways of cooking and preparing food. Their menu choices were great and always delivered on time with EASY TO READ directions. (Some companies do not provide that). Each meal was individually packed (again, some companies don’t do that), and they were always very tasty. Not a bad price either. If I had to purchase every ingredient separately to prepare these recipes, it would cost a fortune. Even my kids enjoyed them and they are picky eaters! Their portions are perfect for two but if you have a large appetite, you may want to choose four instead of two”  (Loren of St. Charles, MO, www.consumeraffairs.com)


“I really appreciate the variety of meals available and most of them are easy to cook once I have a feel for the pattern. I also have had good experiences with customer service when my box was missing items or I had any issues.” (Anna of Spokane, WA, www.consumeraffairs.com)


“Purchasing HelloFresh meals is one the best decisions I’ve made in the last year. As a fitness instructor with rather basic cooking skills, these meals and recipes have given me a confidence in the kitchen that I’ve never before experienced. When it comes to the kitchen, I get very anxious. Searching for healthy meals on social media and scrolling through so many ideas is rather overwhelming. Watching short videos on Instagram or TikTok are great, but having to rewatch them several times as I cook is tedious. HelloFresh Meals are a great way to get started cooking in the kitchen. As I make the meals, I gain confidence in my abilities and look where I can make substitutes to better fit my diet and nutritional needs. […] I don’t have to worry about grocery shopping. They deliver the exact amount of each ingredient that you need to cook each meal. HelloFresh has done more than just deliver easy convenient meals to my doorstep. It has positively changed my experience in the kitchen. I highly recommend this service to anyone wanting to try new dishes or looking for convenient meals.” (Kelly of La Grange, IL, www.consumeraffairs.com)

Top Reviews from www.productreview.com.au


Overall score: 4/5 from 11,993 reviews ; Value for money 4/5 (7770 reviews)


“Love the variety of meals and convenience. Meals at my door with all fresh ingredients . Love the variety of meals that I can cook every week.” (www.productreview.com.au)


“Very very happy with HelloFresh. Pleasantly surprised at how much food there was. The recipes are delicious and easy to make. I love the variety and the online platform is easy to use. I’m very happy and will be a regular customer from now on.” (www.productreview.com.au)


“We signed up to Hello fresh again because of a discount voucher. I have enjoyed the three meals we have had so far. Easy to prepare but I’ve learnt from last time not to rush and do any prep early if possible. The ingredients always look like it won’t be enough but once cooked it’s plenty we even had some leftovers for lunch with one meal. It’s a nice break from menu planning and the “what will I cook for dinner” question.” (www.productreview.com.au)


“Handy and convenient to cook and not have to worry about thinking of ideas of what to cook each night. Only issue is when it’s a family of 3 no boxes to suit, only for 2 or 4 people. Promotions are great.” (www.productreview.com.au)


“Easy to cook nice and quick, tastes amazing massive rage of choices to pick from and really cheap.” (www.productreview.com.au)


“5 Star. The food is amazing very nutritious and filling. Just loved it” (www.productreview.com.au)



HelloFresh UK Review – Top Reviews from Trustpilot


Overall: 3.7/5 ( 53,343 reviews)


“What a variety of meals, and very easy to make with the step by step guide. The ingredients are fresh and enough for 2 people (and a little extra for a small plate). They were very tasty.”(https://www.trustpilot.com)


“Very happily surprised, the meals are easy to cook, clear instructions, fresh produce and delicious. These boxes will become our norm for 3 evening meals a week.” (www.trustpilot.com)


“I started having hello fresh back in November, I have 5 meals a week. Since starting it I have now lost 3 stone thanks to the below 650 recipes! It has taught me portion sizes and because of the variety of meals I can’t remember the last time we had a takeaway. It is literally like eating out every night. I started calorie counting as no other diets had worked for me previously and because the app I use has all the hello fresh meals on there it took no time at all to log. I have introduced hello fresh to so many people, my sister is also over 3 stone down thanks to them too. Would highly recommend! And thank you so much! It has been life changing.” (www.trustpilot.com)


“Excellent meals and it has brought back wanting to cook again as I don’t have to suddenly think at 6pm, ‘oh better get dinner ready’ as you have already made your choice on the easy website” (www.trustpilot.com)



HelloFresh US – Top Reviews from Trustpilot


Overall score: 4/5 (reviews 39,215)


“I love HelloFresh. We’re on box 73 and still able to order meals we’ve not had before as well as favorite meals. Great tasting recipes. On occasion they’ll mistakenly leave something out of the box but it’s easy to get credit for the missing item via their app and in the meantime we substitute with whatever we’ve got around the house.” (www.trustpilot.com)



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