Best Lower and Upper Abs Workouts

Best Lower and Upper Abs Workouts for Women

Looking to get a flat stomach and stronger core? These are the only abdominal exercises you will need to burn belly fat and improve core strength. Exercise with top trainers to get the results you want!

Strong abdominal muscles are a good foundation for any workout regimen. These 10 minute abs workouts are designed to help you firm up your tummy and shape your body.  They’re a great addition to any exercise program, but especially important for women who plan to get pregnant.

They help improve posture, reduce back pain and burn belly fat. These 10-minute ab workout routines will develop your core muscles with a combination of exercises to target every area of your core, designed for all fitness levels. Each exercise targets different parts of the abdominal area, from upper abs, lower abs to obliques. It offers a full schedule of 10-minute abs workouts to give you strong and sexy abs by burning fat in a very short time.

These workouts only requires a set of light dumbbells, a yoga mat and the will to push yourself. Choose the ones that are best for you!


MadFit 15 Minute Abs Workout – At Home Upper Abs

At home and mostly equipment free 15 minute ab workout, including exercises such as crunched pulses, elbow to knees, plank, and thumb touches.




MadFit 10 min Lower Belly Burn – The Best Lower Abs Workout

This 10 minute lower abs workout has almost 1.5 million views and you can do it at home with no equipment. It is a mix of several abs exercises such as crunch leg drop, reverse crunch, plank, butterfly, and single leg crunch. Get ready to feel the burn in your lower belly!



Chloe Ting Intense Lower Abs Workout – Burn Lower Belly Fat

This 10 minute video has over 26 million views, and includes a mix of abs exercises such as leg drop and scissors, knee tuck, flutter kicks, single leg drop and crunch, cross body swipe, plank, leg extensions, and more. Variety is key.




Pamela Reif 10 Minute Abs with Weights

Get an extra strong core with these abs workouts with weights. You can use a 4kg dumbbell or even a bottle of water.




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