Dr. Axe Shares 7 Secrets to Lose Weight Fast

Dr Axe 7 Secrets to Lose Weight Fast
Dr. Josh Axe reveals 7 secrets that will help you lose weight fast and get you in the best shape of your life.

In this episode of Ancient Medicine Today, Dr. Josh Axe and Jordan Rubin reveal how to lose weight fast using herbs, vitamins, supplements, essential oils and other natural treatments.
Losing weight is not only about looking good – it is also about feeling good, eating real food and transforming your health as well.
Here are the 7 secrets that will help you lose weight on auto-pilot:


Secret #1: How to use water to lose weight

Here’s how: drink 8 ounces of water any time you are hungry. Drinking more water keeps you full, helps hydrate and detoxify the body and can help you lose weight.
Two hacks for implementing this tip successfully: 1) carry around a big stainless steel to be able to drink water between meals ; 2) put reminders in your phone and stick on your fridge a note: “Drink 8 ounces of water.”


Secret #2: Herbs

You may not be losing weight due to cravings.
Here are the most popular herbs that can control the appetite and glucose levels and help you lose weight.
Cinnamon helps control your blood glucose levels. Add a teaspoon of cinnamon in a smoothie for breakfast or make a cinnamon tea.
Basil is an adaptogenic herb, which is great for weight loss because it helps balance the cortisol levels and relieve stress. When cortisol is high, it can cause emotional stress, and can also impact the insulin level and other hormones in the body.
Trigger fat burning with thermogenic or “hot” herbs: hot peppers, jalapenos, cayenne, chilli peppers. They help stimulate thermogenesis – fat burning will be triggered by consuming hot peppers.
Ashwagandha is another adaptogenic herb which can reduce cortisol levels. It can be taken in tea form, supplement form, or powder as a spice. Ashwagandha can reduce belly fat, help you sleep better and look better, and support thyroid deficiencies.
These hot spices will help stimulate thermogenesis – you lose weigth by generating internal heat and reducing cortisol and insulin levels.

Secret #3: Essential oils

When it comes to essential oils and herbs, it’s hard to beat turmeric and cinnamon.
The cinnamon herb is different from the cinnamon essential oil, which is very concentrated – so take a few drops daily. Make sure it is certified organic and labeled as a dietary supplement for internal use.
Ginger essential oil is also good for weight loss, helps with digestion, cardiovascular health and helps reduce inflammation. It is mildly thermogenic and anti-inflammatory.
Black pepper essential oil helps warm your body system – you lose weigth by generating internal heat that can help burn calories.
Grapefruit essential oil – some studies show that smelling grapefruit oil can make your body produce enzymes that break down the body fat, reduce cravings and is also good for blood sugar.
Caution: When you’re using grapefruit, make sure there are no interactions with your medications.
Dr Axe recommends a combination of cinnamon essential oil, ginger essential oil and grapefruit taken daily on an empty stomach. Pour 2 drops of each essential oil in warm water or juice, two-three times a day before meals on an empty stomach.
Lavender and chamomille essential oils can help reduce stress, which can help you lose weight too.
Proper sleep. Many people cannot lose weight because they are not sleeping enough. Studies show that sleeping more helps you eat less. People who sleep 4 hours a night on an extended period of time had greater sugar and carb cravings, which can contribute to gaining weight and making it difficult to lose a few pounds.


Secret #4: Coconut oil

Coconut oil can also help weight loss. This oil contains medium-chain fatty acids, which can stimulate fat loss, especially abdominal fat. Many athletes consume coconut oil because it is effective for fat loading before triathlons and beneficial for weight loss. Coconut oil is also great for the thyroid function. Take 2-4 tablespoons a day – in smoothies, cook with it, eat it as such, or use it as a carrier oil for your essential oils. You can add coconut oil to a green smoothie in the morning.
Smoothie: Make a great nutritious smoothie with greens, bone broth or collagen powder plus coconut oil.
You can also make your own cellulite rub mixing coconut oil with grapefruit and ginger essential oils, and rub it on your most affected areas. The massage will stimulate the blood flow and help reduce the appearance of “orange skin”.
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Secret #5: Collagen

Some people lose weight but they look worse, especially if they lose a lot of weight in a short period of time.
Collagen can help you lose weight and look younger at the same time. In fact, collagen could be the best weight loss protein for maintaining a youthful appearance while losing weight.
Have you heard people saying “I lost water weight, but I look older.”? Collagen is a great protein source that can help you lose weight and help you look better at the same time because it strengthens your connective tissue, tone and tighten up the skin.
Lose weight healthily with a diet high in protein, fiber and healthy fats.
Collagen type 2 is especially good for your gut health, while type 1 and 3 help tone and tighten your skin.
Make a recipe with collagen powder: add a couple of scoops in a smoothie every morning with some flax meal, some coconut oil or coconut milk.
Bone broth is another food high in collagen.
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Collagen Powder, Bone Broth Collagen by Ancient Nutrition
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Secret #6: Burst training

Burst training is a form of interval training which combines short, high intensity bursts of exercise, with slow, recovery phases. Burst training is done at 85–100% maximum heart rate rather than 50–70% in moderate endurance activity. Burst training is the fastest way to lose weight and burn fat fast.
Essentially, burst training is exercising like a sprinter rather than a marathon runner.
One study had people doing 20 minutes of interval training versus 40 minutes of hard cardio on a spin bike. After the 10-week study, the group that exercised half the amount of time – the 20 minutes that did the burst training – lost three times more body fat than the other group.
If you have knee issues, more gentle ways to exercise include exercising in the pool.


Secret #7: Skip breakfast!

Lose 10 pounds in 3 weeks by skipping breakfast! Eat breakfast at noon, 3 and 6, then shut down your digestive system.
During the morning, drink water with a little bit of lemon juice.
During your non-eating time, consume bone broth, or warm tea, or water with essential oils. Your body will burn fat during the non-eating time. Research shows that when you exercise on an empty stomach, you burn more fat because you’re not feeding it with carbohydrates.


These 7 secrets will get you in the best shape of your life!



Watch the video for more information:

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