How Can We Make Healthy Eating Sustainable?

How to make Healthy Eating Sustainable

For good habits to stick, including eating healthy and getting physically active, they should be simple enough while at the same time help you build your health capital one habit at a time, consistently on the long term.

Because you cannot run like a Ferrari if you’re fueled with cheap gasoline, right?

I like to view my health as my own #Olympics and, as simplistic as it may sound, after so many years, for me it all comes to maximizing the intake and nutritional value, while minimizing my efforts. I love 1) winning with superfoods, 2) using grocery lists and 3) keeping healthy foods handy when I am on the go (healthy snacks and food deliveries).

In the end, healthy eating should best match your current lifestyle, no matter what your entry point is. Simplify, optimize and ask yourself: how can I make food serve me even better? Because remember, you cannot run like a Ferrari if you’re fueled with cheap gasoline!


Common Myths, Busted!

Myth #1 Healthy food is expensive.

A healthy diet doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, some healthy foods are cheaper than processed junk foods.

These include eggs, fish, lean meat, beans, seeds, fruits and vegetables, whole grains. To save extra money, buy in bulk, cook at home, buy fruits and veggies that are in season, you don’t necessarily have to eat organic. Frozen is not the same thing as fresh, but it’s still healthier than junk.


Myth #2 I am too busy to eat healthfully.

If you are a busy mom or active professional, time is your most precious asset.

But if you regard your health (and your family’s health) as your most important asset, you will agree to invest some time to cook healthy 30-minutes meals that you can keep 2-3 days in the fridge, and even take them for lunch at work. Leverage the power of shopping lists, groceries and meals planning, frozen fruits and veggies.

In most cases, you spend some weekly time to cook anyway, so why not eat for energy and mental power?

Healthy Diet Hacks for Busy People


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Myth #3 I don’t have time to exercise.

You don’t need to prepare for the Olympics or the next marathon to stay healthy and fit.

Moderate physical activity includes taking the stairs instead of the elevator, walking the dog in the park, parking your car within walking distance to have the opportunity to walk more, doing a few stretching exercises after a stressful day, cleaning your home, gardening. You can easily integrate these activities in your daily routine, without additional effort, just awareness to prioritize some daily physical activity.
If you want to lose more weight increase the frequency and intensity of your exercises.

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