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Rootine personalized multivitamins

If you’re looking for a way to improve your health and wellness, you might be interested in Rootine, a company that offers personalized daily multivitamins based on your unique genetic and biological needs.

Rootine is not your average vitamin company. They use cutting-edge science and technology to create custom vitamin packs that are tailored to your individual health goals and lifestyle.



How does Rootine work?


It’s simple. You start by taking an at-home health test that measures your DNA, blood levels, and lifestyle factors. You can also upload your existing genetic data from 23andMe or AncestryDNA.

Based on your results, Rootine’s algorithm creates a personalized formula of 18 essential nutrients that you need to optimize your health. You can see your formula and the science behind it on the Rootine app, where you can also track your progress and adjust your preferences.


Rootine then delivers your personalized daily multivitamin packs to your door every month. Each pack contains microbeads that are designed to release the nutrients slowly and steadily throughout the day, ensuring optimal absorption and effectiveness. You can take your pack with or without food, whenever it suits you best.



Who is Rootine for?


Rootine is for anyone who wants to take charge of their health and wellness. Whether you want to boost your energy, immunity, mood, skin, or overall well-being, Rootine can help you achieve your goals with a personalized approach.


Rootine is also for people who have specific health concerns or conditions, such as diabetes, hypertension, thyroid issues, or autoimmune diseases. Rootine can help you address your nutritional deficiencies and support your health with evidence-based solutions.


What are Rootine best-selling products?


Rootine’s best-selling products are their Precision Daily Multivitamin packs, which are customized for each customer based on their health test results.

You can also order their at-home health tests separately, which include a DNA test kit and a blood test kit. These tests measure your genetic variations, nutrient levels, inflammation markers, and other health indicators that affect your vitamin needs.



Smart Multivitamin  $94.00 /month for 3 months


Your unique formula is tailored to your health data and goals. Daily, travel-ready packs with up to 20 nutrients custom dosed for you. Vegetarian. Bioavailable and natural ingredients. Formulated by scientists to support your energy, daily health, focus, immune health and more!

Smart Multivitamin


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Blood Vitamin Test$149.00


Measure your vitamin B9 (folate), B12, D, hsCRP, and homocysteine levels with this virtually painless at-home test. Results guide doses of vitamins B2, B6, B9, B12, D, C, ALA, and omega-3s.


Blood Vitamin Test


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A fast-acting relaxation blend designed to quickly deliver calming nutrients to promote calm, relaxation and well-being. With GABA, L-Theanine, Myo-inositol, Magnesium, Taurine.


Rootine Unwind



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Customer reviews


“I love that I know I’m getting exactly what I need; even targeting those areas that may require more (based on blood tests/DNA)” – Tracy


“I was so calm…while the rest of the room was tense, stressed, and worried. You’ve changed my life!” – Steve


“Feel more focused and energetic, the clarity provided around test results is a clear differentiator and also how quickly I noticed a difference once starting.” – Michael



If you want to learn more about Rootine and how they can help you improve your health and wellness, visit their website at You can also read their blog posts, where they share useful tips and insights on nutrition, genetics, and health optimization.


Rootine is more than just a vitamin company. They are a community of health enthusiasts who are passionate about personalizing wellness and empowering people to live healthier and happier lives.

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