Imperfect Foods: High-Quality, Affordable Groceries Delivered Weekly to Your Door

Imperfect Foods Groceries Delivered

Complete Your Shopping in Just 20 Minutes!

Seamless grocery shopping tailored to your life, plus weekly savings of money, time, and energy.


Discover Exceptional Groceries at Affordable Rates


Did you know that the environmental impact caused by food wastage in the United States exceeds that of the entire worldwide airline sector?


Imperfect Foods’ extensive selection features thoughtfully chosen groceries that excel in quality, embrace their uniqueness, and consistently deliver delectable flavors. Above all, the grocery offerings contribute to the creation of a more sustainable world.


Discover in-season, farmer’s market-grade fruits and vegetables, as well as pantry staples, eggs and dairy, snacks, and additional wellness products (bath, beauty, and health items).


  • Supermarket prices with Farmer’s Market quality;

  • Start faster with your favorite items preloaded in your cart;

  • Effortless order skipping for full fridges or travel plans.



What makes some of the food imperfect?


Some of our grocery items display cosmetic variances, come in irregular sizes, or were once surplus, which would have otherwise led to waste or underappreciation.

Although their appearance may differ from what you’d typically see in a store, they are both eco-friendly and of top quality! Additionally, they offer a diverse selection of sustainable, cost-effective groceries (free from imperfections) to meet all your shopping requirements.


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Effortless and Eco-Friendly Convenience

Receive your weekly groceries in 100% recycled boxes at your doorstep.


This encompasses fresh farm produce, essential pantry items, both animal and plant-based proteins, dairy products and alternatives, a variety of beverages, snacks, and much more.


Did you know that…

…so far, Imperfect Foods has donated 15.1 million pounds of food to help people facing hunger?




Packaging Return Program


Imperfect Foods distinguishes itself not only through its commitment to delivering high-quality, budget-friendly groceries right to your doorstep but also through its exceptional eco-friendly program. What truly sets this program apart is the company’s dedication to reducing food waste.

They help recycle fiber box, aluminium, glass and plastic items.

Cracked eggs are no laughing matter! They are delivered in cushiony liners that reduce the risk of breakage during shipping.


As the sole nationwide grocery that offers free packaging return and recycling, Imperfect Foods have collectively diverted over 6.5 million pounds of packaging away from landfills.

Imperfect Foods’ eco-friendly program not only makes grocery shopping more convenient but also empowers individuals to make environmentally responsible choices, reducing the carbon footprint of their groceries in the process.


Imperfect Foods sources and offers groceries that may have cosmetic imperfections, irregular sizes, or would have otherwise gone unused. By rescuing these foods and making them available to consumers, Imperfect Foods is tackling the pressing issue of food waste, which contributes to greenhouse gas emissions.


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