HidrateSpark – World’s Smartest Water Bottle (Review)

HidrateSpark – World’s Smartest Water Bottle + App

Glow – Drink – Track


HidrateSpark – Hydration Made Smarter

We invented the Smart Water Bottle. Get yours today to improve overall health and wellness through proper hydration.

“Developing healthier habits doesn’t have to be hard. We’ve created a product that fits into your life without being obtrusive. It’s easy to interact with, even when you’re too busy to check your phone. We designed HidrateSpark to remind you with a glow or alert, to make sure you don’t miss out on the hydration you need.”

With 75% of Americans dehydrated, hydration should become an individual priority. It has an impact on our body, brain, skin, energy and mood.

The result: your well-being increases at cognitive, physical and emotional levels. A hydrated person is healthier and more productive, both at work and at home.

Hydration helps prevent and control the the cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, weight management, diabetes, depression and anxiety, blood pressure.


HidrateSpark is more than a bottle. It is a Smart Water Bottle.

Hidrate Spark PRO

• Hydration elevated – HidrateSpark has glowing drink reminders.

• The glows remind you to drink throughout the day and can be customized by pattern and color.

• Sensor tracks water intake, syncs via Bluetooth to the Free HidrateSpark App, and is interchangeable between bottles.

• HidrateSpark App is available on iOS and Android.

• Rechargeable Battery with included fast charging cable.

• BPA Free

• Stainless Steel vacuum insulated keeps drinks cold for up to 24 hours, prevents sweating and allows for a pure water taste.

• Protective spout cover and lock to keep out dirt & germs and prevent spills.

• Find My Bottle function: You can find your bottle’s last synced location with a pin on the map from the app.

• Experience life fully hydrated thanks to our Hydration Equation that calculates your daily water goal using personal factors unique to you like age, height, weight, sex, elevation, exercise and more.

• Join our community of more than 550,000 HidrateSpark customers who experience optimal health thanks to proper hydration.


• Sensor tracks water intake, syncs via Bluetooth to the Free HidrateSpark App, and is interchangeable between bottles.

• HidrateSpark App is available on iOS and Android.

•The FREE HidrateSpark App syncs with your smart water bottle to track how much you drink, send glowing reminders and text notifications keeping your hydration on track each day.

•Integrates with fitness trackers: Fitbit, Apple Watch, Google Fit, Apple Health, Garmin Connect, Health Mate.



Hidrate Spark Smart Water Bottle comes in several variants:

HidrateSpark 3 comes in 2 variants steel and plastic.

HidrateSpark PRO


NEW: Hydrate Spark TAP – Be the first to get one!

Hidrate Water Spark Bottle

With our Tap to Track technology, you can easily track a full bottle when you tap your phone to the Tap to Track tag to show your progress on the HidrateSpark App. Stay on track with your hydration goal with the ease of a tap.

The HidrateSpark TAP collection starts at $19.99 and ranges up to $29.99 depending on the size you choose. This is the first smart water bottle under $30 to hit the market.

Powered by the HidrateSpark App

With the free HidrateSpark App you will get a customized hydration goal based on a variety of different facts, can track your water intake, connect with friends, compete in challenges, earn trophies and so much more.



Hidrate Spark Limited Edition Summer Colors

Hidrate Spark Glow Summer Edition

Mix & Match: Add a Splash of Color to Your Hydration Game.

Add a little more style to your hydration game.

Free Shipping On Orders Over $99 & Free Returns





Don’t Like the Taste of Water?  Give it a boost with delicious flavors packed with electrolytes.

Hidrate Spark Wave

Wave Electrolyte Powder Water Supplement by HidrateSpark

Sugar-Free, Zero Calorie Drink Mix

Revitalize your healthy hydration habit with the signature blend of electrolytes, vitamins, and bonus minerals, including Vitamin C, Zinc, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B12, Pink Himalayan Sea Salt. This helps maintain the fluid balance in your blood and is essential for muscle function.

Choose from four refreshing flavors and add Wave to your HidrateSpark smart water bottles to refresh your hydration and forget thirst. Discover the 4 signature flavors: Strawberry, Pink Lemonade, Lemon, Watermelon.



HidrateSpark is committed to sustainable practices.

Over 75 Million (and counting) plastic bottles have been replaced by HidrateSpark.

Sustainability means responsible consumption. When you use a HidrateSpark water bottle, you’re holding a resource that can be reused again and again for years. Compare that with single-use, disposable plastic water bottles that are often ending up in a landfill, or worse, polluting our oceans and water sources.
It’s estimated that every year, 8 million metric tons of plastic end up in our oceans.

How many plastic bottles can you save? Join the mission for sustainability! Order your HidrateSpark bottle now!


Looking for an original gift? Planning a party or bachelorette?

Give your clients, employees, or event attendees an original gift. HidrateSpark glowing smart bottles are sure to stand out!

Healthy hydration with your friends! Promote healthy habits in a fun way with hydration challenges. Connect with friends within the App for extra motivation and map your progress daily, weekly and monthly.

Customize with your logo – Engraving & Full Color Printing Available

Special discounts for orders of 12+ bottles

Free Shipping On Orders Over $99 & Free Returns





Consumer Stories

What happy customers are saying:

“Great purchase! I am so happy that I made the investment in this bottle. It is great to help me stay on top of my hydration all day. It is the best decision I made to get it. I love that it keeps my water cold all day. Tracking has been phenomenal. The reminders would be even better if it were to vibrate, but I still love it!”

“I absolutely love it! I have never been good a tracking my water intake!! It’s really great colors as well!”

“Fun and motivational! I’ve been enjoying how much easier it is to track my hydration levels and watching the progress of my day streak. It keeps the temperature of the water right and the value of the materials of the product is nice and easy to keep clean.”

“I bought the bottle for my boss, because he doesn’t drink water. Now he has a fun friendly reminder.”

“Best water bottle. Great design, connected quick and helps me stay hydrated through out the day. Love the colors and different themes I can do as reminders. Would definitely recommend this product in the future.”

“Easy to use and helped with water intake. I have purchased different sizes to help while I travel.”

“This bottle is making me keep far more hydrated than I ever have. My husband and daughter are in my social contacts and we nudge each other along. It’s really fun to stay hydrated this way!”

“Very helpful! Drinking water was always a challenge for me, having a goal on the app motivates me to drink more and makes me feel like I’m achieving something.”

“Love it! Got mine for Christmas and have bought 4 more for people as gifts. Replaced my body because I wanted a different color. Love it!”


Get your HidrateSpark Smart Bottle NOW!

Free Shipping On Orders Over $99 & Free Returns


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