What are Your Health Achievements in the Last Two Months of the Decade?

Health achievements

2 months into 2020, wow, the end of a decade! Count your blessings and make these final 2 months count!

Health-related, you can aim to achieve one goal: look and feel at your best, have tremendous energy and mental power. Remember that everything in your life starts with good health. And the energy and mental clarity that comes with it help you manage the other priorities in your life: your business, career, family, friends, free time – you can make time for all!

Let’s see how my ideal lifestyle – The Diet of Common Sense – can help you!

The Diet of Common Sense is a lifestyle approach for busy people who want to be the healthiest version of themselves in their limited time as entrepreneurs, busy professionals, and other active roles. It’s the nutrition of active people who are looking for smart food choices for optimal health.

With The Diet of Common Sense, you just need to focus on 5 key principles, make smart food choices, at your own pace. And first, you make the habit, then the habit makes you!

The 5 key principles of The Diet of Common Sense:

S – Start Every Day with Breakfast! Think of breakfast as energy, as your fuel to start the day right.

Healthy breakfast

T – The 80-20 Principle Approach.

Eat 80% real foods (whole foods, nutrient-dense): whole grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, some quality animal protein.
Make the other 20% the best of the rest – meaning the unhealthy food options.
Eat them as close to their natural state, meaning choosing raw over steamed over fried. And when in doubt, eat the rainbow – meaning a variety of colorful vegetables and fruits!

A – Adjust Portions Sizes – eat slowly and in smaller plates and refill if needed.

R – Remember 5 Meals/Day – have 3 balanced meals + 2 healthy snacks.

S – Sip Water All Day – drink 2-3 liters of liquids daily. And the tip to drink more water: hydrate creatively with infused water. Add more flavor with your fruits of choice.

That’s it, at a glance. If you can master these 5 key principles and apply them daily, you can bring so much positive change into your life. To see real and lasting change, you need to make healthy habits stick as a lifestyle. There’s where the magic happens!


And to make it more practical, here’s The 30 Days Health Challenge with The Diet of Common Sense! Apply the 5 key principles daily for 30 days, take massive action to make the transformation happen!

And here are a few quick tips to kick-start your healthy eating habits during these 30 days:

– Check our Instagram account for healthy recipes, 30 minutes or less. We feature plenty of them.

– Prep your meals accordingly. Cook in larger quantities, for several days – at least 3 days – and store them in the fridge.

– Set daily reminders for your 3 meals and 2 snacks – in your smart phone or calendar.

– Take action, make it sustainable by making it simple and fun! Experiment with ingredients, flavors, and colors.

Work on your health goals – Power to you – and as a Community – and our Comments section here on the blog, or our Instagram page are the places to start.

Let us know how you feel during and after these 30 days with The Diet of Common Sense. Get back to us with any questions, challenges or need for support!

It’s the final countdown! How do you set up for success in 2020 health-related? It’s the end of a decade, so finish it strong and celebrating being the best, healthiest version of yourself. Power to you!


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