This Weight-Loss Video Went Viral On TikTok

Weight Loss Viral Video

Fitness trainer Lucy Bergin’s weight loss journey went viral on TikTok, gaining 12 million views. In November 2020, over a 6 months time frame, she started taking a daily image of herself in the same bikini outfit and the same set-up. She lost 35 pounds over 6 months. Impressive results and determination!



During the Coronavirus pandemic, Lucy made unhealthy choices and was sedentary, and she gained weight. “I’ve tried to lose weight over the years and I was never able to stay consistent with it”, she said. So she tried a different approach.

Over the 6 months, she took a photo of herself wearing the same outfit every day, to inspire and motivate herself on her weight loss journey. She changed her diet and trained at the gym, sticking to a calorie deficit (eating less than she burned out) which is essential to losing body fat. She weighted 76 kg at the beginning of the video and 63 kg at the end of it (at 150 cm height).

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“It wasn’t a diet, it was a lifestyle change. […] It’s not about a diet, trying to lose 20 pounds in a week. And you can see in this video also, it’s little changes at the time, I didn’t even noticed my transformation until I put everything together. […]  I just kept telling myself that it wasn’t a short-term goal.”

Check out Lucy’s complete weight loss transformation on her Instagram account:


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