Resource Page: Meal Delivery Services, Cookbook Recipes and Supplement Brands You Can Trust

Health & Wellness Resources to Staying Safe, Healthy and Well-Fed in Times of Coronavirus and Beyond

Resource Page: How to Stay Safe, Healthy and Well-Fed in Times of Coronavirus and Beyond

Resources that will help you build your protection shield (your immunity) and knowledge (information is power)!


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Healthy Meal Plans – Healthy Ingredients, Meal Plans and Subscription Boxes, delivered right to your Home or Office.

If you choose convenience or want to kick start your healthy eating habits in an easy manner, you can choose to have your meals delivered right to your home or office door. Select from a variety of meal plans and dishes:

Hello Fresh – America’s Most Popular Meal Kit. Now offering the most recipe variety and meals starting at $7.49.

What’s Inside the Box Each Week:

  • Easy-to-follow recipes with clear nutritional info
  • High-quality ingredients sourced straight from the farm
  • Convenient meal kits that fit perfectly in the fridge
  • A fun cooking experience that makes you feel unstoppable

RealEats – Healthy Chef Prepared Meals. Delivered fresh, ready in minutes. Eating healthy has never been easier.

RealEats is a premium meal prep delivery service that makes it quick and simple to eat clean. Our affordable chef cooked meals are made delicious from responsibly sourced ingredients and vacuum packed to naturally lock in the flavors and nutrients. Each scrumptious meal stays fresh in your fridge for seven days, and is ready to enjoy in six minutes or less – making healthy eating hassle free.

Vegin’ Out – Vegin’ Out is a premier online vegan food, vegan meals and vegetarian meal delivery service for Los Angeles, Southern & Northern California and nationwide. We offer simple, healthy, organic, well-balanced and affordable freshly prepared and cooked weekly vegan meals and vegetarian meals conveniently delivered right to your home or office. Our vegan meals can be made gluten free, soy-free and low carb.
Healthy – Our goal is to provide healthy and delicious vegan meals delivered to your home or office without all the additives, preservatives, low sodium and low sugar at an affordable price and convenient.
Heat & Enjoy – We do all the food shopping, prepping and cooking for you and all you have to do is to heat up the delicious vegan dishes and enjoy!

Jet Fuel Meals – Eating healthy has never been so easy. Jet Fuel Meals is a healthy food delivery service. We offer fresh, high-quality, and all-natural meals that are healthy and delicious. Join thousands of people who found their perfect plan to stay healthy!


SnackNation – Discover better snacks and help fight childhood hunger. Join the Snack Smart, Do Good club for only $7.99/month. Curated snacks always made with real ingredients. Gluten-friendly options available. Cancel anytime with no cancellation fee.

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Sun Basket – Eat Clean, Feel Great. Eat well and shine with easy, delicious dinners—now ready in as little as 5 minutes.

  • Real Food, Unreal Flavor. Chef-crafted, dietitian-approved meals. Rated #1 by Epicurious.
  • Premium Quality – Enjoy organic produce and clean ingredients. Proud certified organic handler.
  • Convenient Meal Delivery – New Oven-Ready healthy meals delivered to your door and ready in minutes.**
    Meal delivery for any lifestyle.
  • Choose a home meal delivery plan for your taste, or mix and match any of our weekly recipes: Paleo, Vegetarian, Lean & Clean, Gluten-Free, Carb-Conscious, Mediterranean, Quick & Easy, Diabetes-Friendly, Pescatarian, Chef’s Choice.

Home Chef Groceries  – is a meal delivery service supplying weekly deliveries of fresh, perfectly portioned ingredients and chef-designed recipes.
Build Your Box – With a different menu each week, there’s always new recipes to discover! Find the cooking experience you desire.
Home Chef is Now Available In Stores too. We’ve partnered with Kroger to bring our signature variety and convenience to you in a whole new way!

UrthBox – A monthly collection of healthy snacks, beverages and more. Focusing on Non-GMO, Organic and All Natural, every month we’ll surprise you with Full-Size products from trustworthy brands perfect for your home, personal life or the office.

UrthBox is the best way to discover healthy new foods, beverages, snacks and more for your home, the office or on-the-go every month.  Every month we’ll make “Health” a priority in your life by surprising you with fantastic full size products that must pass strict ingredient, sourcing, calorie, nutrition and manufacturing standards.

Get a Free Box!



Kindle Resources for Healthy Living

365 Vegan Smoothies: Boost Your Health with a Rainbow of Fruits and Veggies (Kindle Edition) – by Kathy Patalsky
With 100,000 Twitter followers and a blog that receives half a million unique visitors a month, food writer Kathy Patalsky loves sharing her passion for healthy, vegan cuisine. With 365 Vegan Smoothies, she makes it possible for everyone to enjoy this daily diet enhancement that is free of animal products (even honey) and the saturated fats, chemicals, and hormones that often accompany them. From her frosty sweet “Peach Pick-Me-Up” to green smoothies such as her revitalizing “Green with Energy,” Patalsky’s innovative smoothie recipes are built around themes such as brain boosters, weight loss, healthy digestion, and detoxification. She also includes mood tamers, such as the “Cheerful Chocolate Chia,” with B-complex vitamins and omega fatty acids to boost serotonin levels. Featuring vibrant color photographs and simple steps to stock a healthier pantry, 365 Vegan Smoothies serves up the perfect blend for everyone.


Simple Green Smoothies: 100+ Tasty Recipes to Lose Weight, Gain Energy, and Feel Great in Your Body (Kindle Edition) – by Jen Hansard, Jadah Sellner

In their book, Simple Green Smoothies, these two friends invite you into a sane and tasty approach to health that will inspire and energize you on your own journey toward a happier life. The Simple Green Smoothies’ lifestyle doesn’t involve counting calories or eliminating an entire food group. Instead, it encourages you to make one simple change: drink one green smoothie a day.


Forks Over Knives — The Cookbook: Over 300 Recipes for Plant-Based Eating All Through the Year (Kindle Edition) – by Del Sroufe (Author) & Contributors

New York Times Bestseller
A whole-foods, plant-based diet that has never been easier or tastier—learn to cook the Forks Over Knives way with more than 300 recipes for every day!

Simple, affordable, and delicious, the recipes in Forks Over Knives—The Cookbook put the power of real, healthy food in your hands. Start cooking the plant-based way today—it could save your life!

Forks Over Knives—the book, the film, the movement—is back again in a cookbook. The secret is out: If you want to lose weight, lower your cholesterol, avoid cancer, and prevent (or even reverse) type 2 diabetes and heart disease, the right food is your best medicine. Thousands of people have cut out meat, dairy, and oils and seen amazing results. If you’re among them—or you’d like to be—you need this cookbook.


The China Study, Revised and Expanded Edition: The Most Comprehensive Study of Nutrition Ever Conducted and the Startling Implications for Diet, Weight Loss, and Long-Term Health (Kindle Edition or Audiobook):

The bestseller that changed millions of lives
The science is clear. The results are unmistakable. You can dramatically reduce your risk of cancer, heart disease, and diabetes just by changing your diet.
More than 30 years ago, nutrition researcher T. Colin Campbell and his team at Cornell, in partnership with teams in China and England, embarked upon the China Study, the most comprehensive study ever undertaken of the relationship between diet and the risk of developing the disease. What they found when combined with findings in Colin’s laboratory, opened their eyes to the dangers of a diet high in animal protein and the unparalleled health benefits of whole food, plant-based diet.
In 2005, Colin and his son Tom, now a physician, shared those findings with the world in The China Study, hailed as one of the most important books about diet and health ever written.

The basic message is clear. The key to a long, healthy life lies in three things: breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


The China Study Cookbook: Revised and Expanded Edition with Over 175 Whole Food, Plant-Based Recipes  (Kindle Edition) – by LeAnne Campbell

With more than 175 mouthwatering recipes and stunning all-new photography.

This new edition of the bestselling China Study Cookbook puts the groundbreaking scientific findings of The China Study on your plate. All of LeAnne’s recipes follow three important principles: 1) optimal nutrition is based on eating foods, not taking supplements; 2) the closer foods are to their native states when eaten, the greater their long-term health benefits; and 3) choosing locally grown organic produce whenever possible maximizes nutritional value.


The China Study Quick & Easy Cookbook: Cook Once, Eat All Week with Whole Food, Plant-Based Recipes (Kindle Edition)

Even on a busy schedule, your meals can be simple, healthy, and delicious! You shouldn’t have to sacrifice health or taste for efficiency in the kitchen. Nobody knows this better than Chef Del Sroufe, author of the New York Times bestseller Forks Over Knives—The Cookbook and Better Than Vegan. In The China Study Quick & Easy Cookbook, Sroufe provides menu plans, pantry lists, and more than 100 delicious plant-based recipes that are quick, easy, and multipurpose.


Plant-Based on a Budget: Delicious Vegan Recipes for Under $30 a Week, in Less Than 30 Minutes a Meal (Kindle Edition)

Eat vegan—for less! With Plant-Based on a Budget, going vegan is not only an attainable goal, but the best choice for your health, the planet—and your wallet. Toni’s guidance doesn’t just help you save money—it helps you save time, too. Every recipe in this book can be ready in around 30 minutes or less. Through her imaginative and incredibly customizable recipes, Toni empowers readers to make their own substitutions based on the ingredients they have on hand, reducing food waste in the process.



Superfoods and Supplements (from brands you can trust)

We cannot get all right with our food choices, or sometimes we cannot absorb some nutrients. Most common supplements include: a multivitamin complex, vitamin B12 (especially on plant-based diets), Coenzime Q10 (ubiquinol), a probiotic, a joint supplement, a brain supplement or nootropic.

Brands you can trust:

Nature’s Way (Shop on Amazon): For the past 50 years, we’ve made it our mission to help others live their best life possible through our quality line of supplements. It’s not just our way, it’s Nature’s Way®

Solaray (Shop on Amazon)

Jarrow’s Formulas (Shop on Amazon):  Choose Science. Choose Jarrow’s. Science First: Formulating Health since 1977.  We fund research studies on many of our products, so Jarrow’s Formulas’ customers can be assured of purity, value and potency.

Mushroom Wisdom (Shop on Amazon)


Keep this resource page handy and share it with your friends! Help us give people back their most important asset: their health!

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