Sakara – An Edible Beauty Routine Good For Your Skin

Sakara Protein Superbar

When it comes to beauty and food, there’s no denying that our diets have a transformative power on our skin and overall wellbeing.

Actually, there’s a better way to treat acne and aging than from the outside-in. To get healthy skin, you have to start with good nutrition.

Eating for your skin isn’t new but it is trending harder than ever. On the shelves at your local Sephora, you’ll find drink mixes and gummy supplements promising shinier hair and brighter skin.

We’ve all heard the term “you are what you eat.” But what does that mean for your skin? It means that if you have skin problems, chances are your diet is at least partially to blame. And if you have great skin, eating a balanced diet (and getting enough sleep) could be all it takes to maintain it.



What Is A Beauty Routine That Is Edible?


The best skincare ingredients are not just for your face.

Did you know that some of the best anti-aging ingredients are also edible? Retinoids, the closest thing to an FDA-approved fountain of youth, are known to fade wrinkles and prevent signs of aging. Niacinamide and ferulic acid are also antioxidants that donate electrons to unstable free radicals to prevent cellular DNA damage from occurring.

If you’ve already swapped out your chemical-laden cleansers for natural ones, it’s time to take your skincare regimen one step further by introducing antioxidant-rich foods into your diet. They can help neutralize harmful free radicals that cause cell damage, inflammation and skin pigmentation (like sunspots).



Check out the Sakara Beauty Routine that is edible. The kit contains all of the ingredients you need to start your own beauty routine with fast results.

Whitney Tingle, founder and CEO of Sakara Life in Los Angeles, agrees about the connection between diet and health.

For Sakara founder Whitney Tingle, this was an ah-ha moment. “I realized I didn’t have a skin problem, but a gut problem”, she reflects on the end of her years-long battle with cystic acne.

Once she swapped out sugary breakfast pastries and deep-fried happy hour fare and welcomed in hydrating, fresh plant foods (what eventually would become the Sakara nutrition philosophy), her skin underwent a transformation.


Esthetician Shelly Marshall also had her own aha-moment. Marshall wanted to feel good in her body, so she started exploring and experimenting with holistic healing. She discovered that food was medicine—and, after making changes to her diet, she had more energy, slept better and felt healthier overall.

She says: “That’s really the secret in one sentence: internal health leads to external beauty, and you attain it by attending to what you put into and onto yourself.”

Here are some superfoods and supplements that fight aging, plus how to use them in your skincare regimen:



The high-protein snack with skin benefits: Sakara Beauty Protein Super Bar


This is not a regular beauty routine, but an edible one – powered by Sakara.

The combination of Melon and Grape extracts in Phyto Youth Blend works together to support skin microcirculation, protect collagen fibers from degradation and to control free radicals. You can expect results in about 8 weeks. Your beauty-supporting nutrients into one highly functional on-the-go snack.

Key ingredients: Sea Buckthorn, Poppy Seed, Plant Protein.


Top Consumer Reviews:


“I have used this product every morning in my coffee as it adds a richness that works well with my Nutpods creamer!”

“This stuff really does reduce and nearly eliminate my craving for sugar, which I want to get out of my life due to its association with cognitive decline. I am curious whether the active ingredients need to be mixed with the cocoa (which is where the heavy metals are coming from) or whether there could be a formulation without cocoa. The price isalso prohibitive for many people – which makes me feel a bit too “privileged” when I purchase it.”

“Coffee BFF. I put the super powder in my coffee every morning and can totally tell a difference. It keeps me full and controls my bloat. If you’re thinking about it – just get it!!”


Beauty Protein Super Bar


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The water-enhancing duo: Sakara Beauty + Detox Water Drops


If you’re looking to re-mineralize your drinking water and detoxify your system, Sakara Beauty Water and Detox Water Drops will help you reset your internal balance. Each serving of Beauty Water Contains 72 naturally-occurring trace minerals, and a balanced blend of vitamins, micronutrients and antioxidants.

Beauty Water Drops are made of pure chlorophyll, a green plant pigment that allows our leafy friends to photosynthesize. This emerald-hued water enhancer is an ally to anyone seeking to eliminate breakouts, since it helps filter toxins from the body while oxygenating and purifying the blood.


Top Consumer Reviews:


“Essentials I don’t leave home without. I can’t start or end my day without these drops! I use the beauty drops in the morning and in my overnight water, and since I started a year ago I have not had any of the dry skin on my hands that normally plagues me in winter. My eyes are brighter and I feel the difference. My workouts are better and headaches go away pretty quickly if I put eithone in my glass- the beauty drops can even make the water at work taste good! Detox drops are a must for bedtime and any morning after eating out. They calm my whole system and help bring me back into equilibrium.”

“Since starting these, I’ve seen such a difference in my skin and the way I feel. I do think the beauty drops taste a little funny, so I just mix them in with a stronger tasting drink.”

“A nice addition to my morning drink. I appreciate knowing that I’m getting a little extra boost of goodness in my morning green drink by adding both of these each day.”


Beauty + Detox Water Drops


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