Rock Your Summer Weekends at Home

Hammocks and hanging chairs

I hope you’re having a great start of the weekend! And if you need to stay indoors, here are 5 cool ways to rock your summer weekends at home:

1. Try this refreshing gazpacho recipe (promoted by Jamie Oliver) that will take you straight to the hills of sunny Spain. It’s the only soup you will need for summer: quick and easy (15-30 minutes, no cooking needed), refreshing and sooo healthy! Check this video.


2. Put some color and antioxidants in your food! Check out these rainbow smoothie bowls which make great breakfast meals or healthy snacks: recipes here and here.

Delicious smoothie bowl


3. Hydrate creatively with infused waterhere’s how and why.


4. Enjoy the moment of relaxation! Recharge, beat stress and anxiety, and have a good sleep. After all, it’s weekend and it’s summer!

Check out my Relaxation Playlist: Relaxation and Stress Relief for Weight Loss and Better Sleep

Hammock and hanging chairs selection are comfortable, fun, portable and simple to hang. Check out this selection.


5. Have you listened to my latest podcast episode yet? Find out What Celebrities & Successful People Eat to Stay Healthy, Have Energy and Look Amazing.

No, you don’t need a red carpet to feel like a celebrity with your daily food choices. Start living like a celebrity by getting inspiration from successful people’s health and wellness routines.

Listen to the Podcast or Read the Transcript here.


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