Positive Habits That Impacted A Community

Healthy living new year's resolutions 2022

Inspiring stories from the Thrive Global community that can change your life for the better in 2022.

Positive and healthy habits adopted this year by the Thrive Global community – from new exercise routines to creative meditation techniques.

Which of these habits do you want to try or keep in 2022?


1. Writing down weekly goals

“I adopted the habit of writing out my weekly goals every Sunday. I also write down my balance benchmarks (gym time, hair mask, face mask)  in a journal to ensure that I am productive while preserving mental recharge time without interruptions. Without writing these out, I am unable to make sound business decisions, let alone be productive at work.”  (Karisa Karmali, personal trainer and nutrition coach, Ontario, Canada)

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2. Finding movement that feels good

Walking the dog in the park


“I have always been a keen short distance runner and used to find that pounding the pavement was a great stress reliever — but as I head towards 50, I’ve started to feel that the running was becoming more of a chore and that my body was taking longer to recover after each run. So I listened to my body and decided to swap my three weekly runs with daily 5K walks with my two dogs. The impact that this has had has been profound. I feel stronger in my body, more connected to nature, and enjoying the thinking time that allows me to be fully present and attentive without any distractions.” (Candice Tomlinson, coach and hypnotherapist, Sydney, Australia)


3. Incorporating intermittent fasting

“This year, I adopted the habit of intermittent fasting. I do it once or twice a month to help my gut reset. I notice the benefits within hours, and it also gives me mental clarity.” (Kristin Meekhof, book consultant and life coach, Royal Oak, MI)

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4. Trying new virtual workouts

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“This year, I loved indulging in the joy of working out at home with boundless access to dance, yoga, Pilates, and weight training gurus and classes. The community and apps of online workouts all made it so fun. Reinventing this part of my life has given me a broader range of instructors, classes, workouts, and the freedom to enjoy the variety and mix it up. As an extension, practicing better breathing techniques has become an incredible way to manage stress, and juggle a lot of business priorities and has served me and those around me very well. It’s definitely the best positive habit I adopted in the last year.” (Kathi Sharpe-Ross, marketing agency CEO, author, podcast host, Beverly Hills, CA)

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