Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond Lost 43-Pounds

Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond

The blogger and cooking show host, Ree Drummond, 52, is opening up on her website about her 43-pound weight loss journey in 4 months. “How I Lost Weight (More Importantly: How I Got Healthier!) […] What motivated me the most was just wanting to feel better and have more energy.”


She did NOT do Keto, Intermittent fasting, buy specialty foods, did not use a trainer, nor joined any weight loss program.

Her approach was rather flexitarian, common-sense.

Here is what she did:

1.Ree ate less calories.

“Calories in, calories out.” She counted the calories of the things she ate every day (using websites like or This way she felt accountable for her weight loss journey and knew exactly how much calories she ate.

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2. She weighted her food.

She used a digital food scale to weight everything she ate. She also made sure to choose food with better nutritional value.

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3. She exercised.

She made exercise a regular part of her day. The types of exercises included walking 2-3 miles while walking the dogs, did the rowing machine, or Pilates. These were exercises she performed mainly in the house, usually while watching a spy thriller or some other weird movie. She exercised 6 days a week, sometimes twice a day (morning walk, evening rowing machine), sometimes just once.


4. Ree built muscle.

“I hit a major weight loss plateau about six weeks in. Ultimately, I determined that I needed to build more muscle mass since muscle burns more calories than fat.”

So she focused her workouts on strength training. Ladd (her husband) helped her come up with exercises that targeted Ree’s legs and butt.

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5. She ate more protein.

To manage her weight loss plateau, she also increased the daily percentage of her protein intake.

“I had been landing at around 15% to 20% of my calories from protein…so I pivoted and steered my eating so that I was around 30% to 40% protein. Eating more protein also made me feel more satisfied (and gave me more energy), so it was a good move for many reasons.”

Her favorite high-protein foods included: low fat plain Greek yogurt, low fat cottage cheese, lean beef, chicken, turkey, salmon, cod, egg whites, raw almonds, 1% milk, Swiss cheese, homemade protein balls, and the vegetable sources of proteins included spinach, an apple a day, kale, carrots.

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6. She ate less sugar.

“I’m The Pioneer Woman and I love food! Ha. But the piece of cake was the size of Rhode Island instead of Texas, and it wasn’t an everyday thing.”


7. She drank no alcohol.

“Bottom line, I didn’t drink a sip of alcohol for over four months.” Now she drinks alcohol ocassionally.


8. Ree used an app called Happy Scale to track her weight.

“The Happy Scale app […] was a GAME CHANGER in terms of motivating me to keep going.” She tracked her weight and she was aware of her weight loss progress and trend over time.


9. Ree switched to a standing desk.

She says the desk helped remind her to take more breaks and move more throughout the day.

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10. She’s still losing weight.

She’ve lost 43 pounds. However, she realized losing weight is a lifestyle including regular exercise and more mindful eating.

Most importantly, feeling good is really all that mattered.

Pro Tip: document your weight loss story in a journal. It will help you be consistent, track and adjust your progress.

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“I hope this helps you, whether in big ways or small. Remember that feeling good, realistic goals, being healthy, and having fun is the way to go!” she concludes on her blog.



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