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Organifi superfoods

Organifi – Real Superfood Ingredients To Detox Your Body – in less than a minute a day!

We can’t get always right with our food choices and not all foods were created equal, so sometimes we need to supplement our daily intake with quality nutrients from supplements and superfoods.

There are many factors that are not in our control that can affect the quality of our food, such as the quality of the soil, how rich or depleted of nutrients it is; how it is processed; the freshness factor etc.

Organifi offers a selection of superfoods and supplements that bring a nourishing supply of daily nutrients: probiotics, green juice powder, red juice powder, daily turmeric, to name just a few best-sellers. Organifi products are USDA certified organic, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free and 100% vegan.

Check a few selections below, read the product benefits and customer reviews, and experience the benefits yourself!


Organifi Complete Health Bundle – a bestselling package

Get 33% savings for 5 products and a booklet, cumulating many benefits such as body detox, metabolism regulation, immunity boost,  system cleansing. The real power is in the synergistic relationship between these superfoods. The package includes:
• 1 Bottle Organifi Complete Protein (Chocolate or Vanilla)
• 1 Bottle Biotic Balance Probiotics
• 1 Bottle Organifi Green Juice
• 1 Bottle Organifi Red Juice
• 1 Bottle Organifi Gold
• PLUS the “2018 Organifi Complete Health System” – absolutely FREE!

Organifi Complete Health System

What do customers say:

„I just love these products. You have a customer for life”- says Pommie about the products.

„The whole family loves all the Organifi products. We all drink at least one (Green, Red or Golden) every day. They taste great and we’ve been feeling great. The protein is excellent as well. It’s very filling as a meal replacement and also very tasty. Thank you!” – Celeste, a happy customer.

„Have tried many products and by far this is the best one out there. Being a vegetarian my body fully agrees with this product. Right from the start, I felt better. I have already recommended this product to family and friends.” – Joanna’s opinion.


Organifi Immunity – Nature’s Remedy For Colds And Flus

This immunity-boosting superfood can help fight the symptoms and duration of colds and flus. It blends ingredients like Zinc, Vitamin C and Vitamin D3, with Ultrasonic-Extracted Mushroom Beta Glucans, ideal for safeguarding against germs in buses, airplanes and spaces with a lot of people. With its refreshing orange taste, it combines strong immunity-boosting compounds like mushroom beta-glucan, acerola cherry, orange, ginger, turmeric, baobab fruit, and other powerful ingredients. „Boost your immunity – in less than 1 minute per day” is this supplement’s promise regarding its convenience of use: simply mix 1 pack with water and enhance your body’s defense system!

Organifi Immunity


Pure – Mental Clarity & Focus – acts as a nootropic-like brain blend that enhances the cognitive function to support learning, memory and sustain the overall function of the brain. This supplement helps revitalize the mind and daily mental focus with the superfood ingredients it includes such as lion’s mane mushroom, baobab fruit, aloe vera, ginger root, monk fruit, digestive enzymes, coffeeberry, lemon, apple cider vinegar. Remember: anytime you need a quick mental boost, this food supplement can help!

What customers say about this product:

„I have started using pure and I feel more awake and alert even at 4 am. I will eventually try the others!” – Elyse, a happy consumer.

„Enlightening. Invigorating. A brisk sweep of clarity in a crisp quenching vessel. I love it.”

„Coffee is becoming a rare thing after purchasing this! It gives me a huge pick me up and tons of energy.” – Nicole

Pure - Mental Clarity & Focus


Organifi Green Juice – Drink a glass of Organifi Green Juice on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning and kick-start your metabolism with a smart choice. It starts the body’s process of daily detox, produces natural energy and helps manage stress. It includes superfood ingredients that detox your body such as moringa, chlorella, mint, spirulina, beets, matcha green tree, wheatgrass, turmeric.

Organifi Green Juice

What consumers say about this product:

„It gives me that extra edge in the morning” – Mandy, a happy customer reveals.

“I would absolutely recommend Organifi. It tastes great! It allows people to get these great nutrients in their body, which they’re probably not getting on a daily basis, let alone weekly or monthly. I can see Organifi helping a lot of people. Not everybody has access to fresh farms or produce or markets that might carry those things. So to be able to stock it in your house and have Organifi readily available is a gamechanger! “ – Cassie Sobelton, Amazon Bestselling Author Of “Back To Balance”

„I’ve been drinking green juice for about 6-8 months or maybe more. I get it delivered automatically every month and I drink it every morning. I love how it makes me feel! It gives me energy and definitely all over healthy feeling all day. The other day when my order arrived I picked up the box and I noticed it was very light! Somebody had stolen my green juice! I called that night and Pablo hooked me up with a new container. The worst part was I was without my green juice for 4 days! It arrived today so I had 2 servings!! Thanks, Organifi – your green juice rocks!! „ – says Meghan, a happy customer.


100% Organic Plant-Based Protein – Enjoy delicious, healthy, Non-GMO protein with 20 grams per serving! Organifi’s meal replacement protein is enhanced with whole food multivitamins, MCT’s, and digestive enzymes for a nourishing supply of daily nutrients. Acts as a meal replacement or snack and helps reduce cravings, supports healthy eating and losing weight in a healthy manner. It combines the best sources of plant protein and health-boosting superfoods such as pea protein, quinoa, pumpkin seeds, coconut, vanilla bean, monk fruit, real whole-food vitamins, and digestion-soothing enzymes.

100% Organic Plant-Based Protein

Customers’ opinions:

“Powers me through the afternoon.”

“It helps sustain me… I don’t have junk food cravings!”

„This protein powder is amazing! My appetite has been almost non-existent for several months, but I am getting all the nutrients my body needs with the Organifi products. From the protein powders, red and green juices, and the Turmeric capsules. Truly, I LOVE Organifi and am so thankful it is part of my food consumption daily!”


Daily Turmeric – Feel the benefits of turmeric 4 times faster, promoting a healthy response to inflammation in your body.

„Very excited to have this. Great company and some of the best turmeric supplements money can buy.”

 Organifi Daily Turmeric


Biotic Balance Probiotic – Powerful probiotics to fix your digestion, for faster weight loss and more energy. It contains over 50 billion bacteria and lactobacillus – good bacteria that stimulates the metabolism and provide aid in the fat-burning process.

„This product seemed to work well with the addition of the Probiotic to alleviate my reflux symptoms (a 10-day challenge with little to NO carbs and NO sugar). This is the first time in over 15 years that I haven’t had reflux symptoms for this long.”

„I’ve used many probiotics over the years, but nothing compares to the quality of Organifi. I will continue to purchase more as I continue on my journey of being as healthy as possible.”

„This is amazing. I can’t believe how this Pro-biotic keeps my system in check.”


To sum up what Organifi is about: Real Superfood Ingredients To Detox Your Body – in less than a minute a day! Try the products and see the benefits yourself!

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