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There is so much information as long as so much misinformation about the new Coronavirus (also known as Covid-19). Staying informed and safe is a priority, so in this podcast episode, we’ll look at myths vs facts and differentiate between them.

Listen to the podcast episode or read the transcript below:


UV Light and Hand Dryers Stop the Coronavirus – False

Neither the UV light nor the hand dryers help stop the spread of Coronavirus.

There’s only one type of UV that can reliably inactivate Covid-19 – and it’s extremely dangerous.

Hand dryers are also NOT effective in killing the Coronavirus.

The World Health Organization advises „To protect yourself, frequently clean your hands with an alcohol-based hand rub or wash them with soap and water. Once your hands are cleaned, you should dry them thoroughly by using paper towels or a warm air dryer.”


Antibiotics Kill Coronavirus – False

Antibiotics kill bacteria, they do not kill viruses. So antibiotics do not help treat Coronavirus infections. Moreover, they can lead to a resistance to antibiotics, making you prone to getting more colds and other diseases that are even more difficult to treat because they eventually develop resistance to antibiotics.

Some people with Coronavirus can actually develop a bacterial infection as a complication. In this case, your doctor may prescribe you antibiotics.

In all cases, do not take antibiotics without your doctor’s advice.


Drinking Alcohol Reduces the Risk of Infection – False

Drinking vodka, or any other alcohol, does not prevent Coronavirus.

Also, consuming any alcohol has some risks short and especially in the long-term.

The WHO claims that “Alcohol use, especially heavy use, weakens the immune system and thus reduces the ability to cope with infectious diseases.”

Alchohol over 60 degrees helps disinfect the skin, but consuming it can have serious health consequences, including death. So do not ingest it.


Face Masks Can Help Slow the Spread of the Coronavirus – True

Medical vs Fabric Masks

How much protection do face masks offer?

Yes, face masks combined with other preventive measures, such as frequent hand-washing and social distancing, help slow the spread of the virus.

The World Health Organization and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) – the official sources of information – now include face masks in their recommendations for slowing the spread of the virus.

The CDC recommends fabric face masks for the public and not the surgical and N95 masks needed by health care providers.

Cloth face coverings and masks are easy to find or make, and can be washed and reused.

Fabric masks should be worn by people who have no Coronavirus symptoms, where Covid-19 is widespread, or the physical distancing of at least 1 meter can’t be achieved, such as shops and restaurants, public transportation, workplaces, grocery stores.

Close contact with others is the most significant risk in public places.

“Cloth face coverings are a critical preventive measure and are most essential in times when social distancing is difficult,” the CDC says.

“People need to know that wearing masks can reduce transmission of the virus by as much as 50%, and those who refuse are putting their lives, their families, their friends, and their communities at risk,” said Dr. Christopher, director of the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation.

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Central Air Conditioning Helps Spread Covid-19 in Public Places – False

Technically, it can, but HVAC (heating/ventilation/air conditioning) systems are not thought to be a significant factor in the spread of Coronavirus.

„Many modern air conditioning systems will either filter out or dilute the virus. Ventilation systems with highly effective filters are a key way to eliminate droplets from the air”, said Harvard environmental health researcher Joseph Gardner Allen.

So air conditioning is not believed to spread the Coronavirus – on the contrary, modern air conditioning systems will either filter or dilute the virus.


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People Should Not Wear Masks while Exercising – True

People should not wear masks during physical exercise, as masks can reduce the ability to breathe easily.

However it’s important to maintain the social distancing of at least one meter from others, even more if you’re exercising indoors. But now during summer, it’s better and safer to stay outdoors, right?


Coronavirus is Not Transmitted through Houseflies – True

Currently, there is no evidence to support this fact. The virus that causes Coronavirus is spread primarily through droplets when an infected person coughs, sneezes or speaks.

Secondary, you can also become infected by touching a contaminated surface and then touching your eyes, nose or mouth before washing your hands. For your protection, don’t forget social distancing – keep at least 1-meter distance from others and disinfect frequently-touched surfaces. Also, clean your hands often and avoid touching your mouth, nose and eyes.


Exposing Yourself to the Sun or Temperatures Higher than 25°C Does Not Protect You from Covid-19 – True

This is true. Countries with hot weather have also reported cases of Coronavirus. For your protection, don’t forget the hygiene measures already mentioned: clean your hands often and avoid touching your mouth, nose and eyes.


A Vaccine to Cure Covid-19 is Currently Available. – False

There is no vaccine for Coronavirus at the moment. Research is ongoing, but testing and developing a vaccine that is safe and effective will take many months.

Your best bet at the moment is sound hygiene – including frequently washing your hands with soap and water, and using hand sanitizer to properly disinfect your hands and common surfaces.


You Can Treat or Protect Yourself from Coronavirus by Swallowing or Cleaning your Body with Bleach, Alcohol or other Disinfectant. – False

False and dangerous at the same time! These products are highly toxic when ingested or used on the body in higher concentrations than normal. Instead, use the recommended safety measures: social distancing of at least 1 meter, washing your hands with soap and water frequently and apply hand sanitizer.

If it happens that you or somebody else swallows or develops a toxic skin reaction after applying alcohol or other disinfectant, call your emergency service immediately.


I Can Disinfect my Mask in the Microwave. – False

That’s not a good idea since first, there is no evidence about it and secondly, it can potentially destroy the mask.

On top, it is not even necessary. To disinfect a mask, you can either wash it or leave it in a clean and open space for several days. Ideally outdoors. Coronavirus is known to survive on hard surfaces for up to 3 days.


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