Kyäni Electo is a First-of-Its-Kind Electrolyte Drink

Kyani Electro™ is Here!

Kyäni, Inc., an internationally recognized health and wellness company, recently announced the launch of Kyäni Electo™ –  a first-of-its-kind electrolyte drink mix that features a combination of electrolyte minerals to support hydration, and a proprietary NR-8™ polyphenol blend to support nitric oxide regeneration.


Kyäni Electo™ is the first and only electrolyte drink that supports nitric oxide production and regeneration. This supplement is formulated to help you perform at your best, no matter what you’re doing: running marathons, taking on the mountain, or playing your favorite sports.



You are busy and taking care of your health can feel overwhelming. Kyäni Electro is here to achieve your goals – a convenient and delicious way to stay hydrated while supporting energy levels, endurance and performance.


Recharge and conquer your demanding day with Kyäni Electro! Featuring a powerful combination of electrolyte minerals and our proprietary NR-8™ blend, Electro helps replenish essential electrolytes and is the first and only electrolyte drink that supports nitric oxide regeneration.


Kyäni Electro may help to support proper muscle contraction (including the heart) and allowing you to continue on with your race. It also replenishes essential electrolytes and helps support healthy blood pressure. Whether you’re training for your next big race, tackling your day as supermom, studying for finals, or simply want a tasty way to stay hydrated throughout the day, Kyäni Electo is for you.


Kyani Electro™ is Here!



The replenishing drink mix can be found in varieties like Coconut Lime and Crisp Apple and beyond having fun flavors, the drinks promise to promote balanced pH, support proper muscle contraction and healthy blood pressure, nitric oxide production, as well as help with the management of cellular fluid balance.


“Electro is the only hydration support formula on the market that features a nitric oxide regeneration blend. It isn’t just for people who are athletes or who do sports. In a world where 75% of us are dehydrated, this is a daily use product for everyone.” — Mark Macdonald, Co-creator of the Nitro Nutrition program.


Environmental stressors and the modern diet are often the cause of low energy and poor health. The right nutrition can improve your body’s response to these toxicities, allowing you to feel better and function at an optimal level every day.


Kyäni Electo is a first-of-its-kind electrolyte drink mix that provides a rapid source of critical minerals and nutrients to support your body’s ability to cope with environmental stressors.


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