Jennifer Lopez’s Diet and Supplements

Jennifer Lopez Diet and Supplements

Jennifer Lopez is not only known for her singing and dancing chops, but also her amazing physique. Her trim body is the product of an intense fitness regimen that includes strength training and cardio, but what’s even more impressive is the singer’s clean diet. J.Lo’s diet focuses on wholesome foods and hydration while keeping processed foods at bay.



Jennifer Lopez’s Diet and Supplements



What is Jennifer Lopez‘s diet?


The artist prioritizes leafy greens, lean proteins, and complex carbs while limiting processed foods where possible. Her diet is meant to complement her fitness routine, but it’s a pretty easy way to eat healthy too.

In addition to following a “clean” eating pattern, Jennifer Lopez seems to stick these rules or habits in her daily routine:

Emphasizing protein: the artist reportedly includes protein in every meal to promote feelings of fullness.

Snacking between meals: Jennifer Lopez’s go-to snacks include fruits, nuts, and vegetables.

Focusing on hydration: J.Lo is said to drink at least seven glasses of water per day.

When she starts having food cravings, she’ll turn to any food with proteins, saying that it’s a “great muscle fuel” that fills her up and keeps her full longer.

Lopez’s main protein sources are chicken breast, egg whites, white meat turkey, grass-fed beef, and fish like Omega-3-rich salmon and sea bass.


What supplements does Jennifer Lopez take?


While supplements are not a replacement for a healthy lifestyle, they can help fill in nutritional gaps correlated with active lifestyles.

“It is a challenge for people to fend off the effects of pollution, environmental stress, emotional stress, insomnia and other factors, which also impact our optimal health. […] In addition, food allergies, food preferences or even any underlying medical condition may lead to a deficiency in a certain vitamin or mineral. Hence supplemental vitamins may be necessary to fill in the nutritional gaps and to help individuals meet the RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowances) each day.”, says Uma Naidoo, MD, a Harvard-trained nutritional psychiatrist, professional chef and nutrition specialist, and author of the best seller This is Your Brain on Food.


Jennifer Lopez is said to take the following supplements:


1. Whey protein


Protein is her go-to whenever she starts to have cravings. It fills her up and keeps her full longer. It’s a great muscle fuel, so it can help build body strength and tone your body while you’re losing weight.

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2. Multivitamin


Vitamins are important in order to keep your body healthy and improve your immune system. They will also help you achieve that glowy skin and shiny hair that Jennifer Lopez has.


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3. Collagen peptides


Collagen is crucial when it comes to looking youthful even in your older age and J Lo is a living proof of that. Collagen helps to protect your skin and hair from aging by keeping it elastic and healthy. Also, collagen is important when it comes to joints health and bone strength.


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