In 2020, Turn Your Resolutions into Revolutions!

2020 Goals and Resolutions

Are you ready to take your health to a new level?

As you say goodbye to 2019 and embark on a new year, take your time to set your priorities and Resolutions for 2020.

Set goals that will make you feel better physically and mentally. And in order to stay committed, it’s important to write them down, share with family and friends and reward yourself for the progress.

New Year = New You? Let’s get started!

Turn your Resolutions into Revolutions! And don’t forget to celebrate your progress and success!

1. Healthy eating – if you want to make a beautiful health transformation, The Diet of Common Sense Course is a good place to start and it’s probably all you need for a busy lifestyle. Start with The 30 Days Challenge, follow the 5 principles of the Diet of Common Sense daily for a month and see how you feel. Keep what sticks naturally and with time, try to optimize your meal plans.

If (almost) nothing sticks naturally 🙂 , you might need to put in some more effort, but the health benefits will eventually pay out. Just be consistent during these 30 days. Experiment with recipes, flavors, and ingredients. Make it easy and fun!

Check The Diet of Common Sense Course! You can get a course preview by listening to my free podcast.

Listen to this podcast episode:  Coffee and Longevity, How to Boost Your Immunity in Winter, The 30 Days Health Challenge


2. Subscribe to a meal delivery plan – getting healthy ingredients or already cooked meals delivered right to your door will save you time and help you stay consistent with your healthy eating habits, especially in the beginning. Get healthy food delivered at your convenience. Vegin’Out and RealEats are 2 healthy meal subscription plans worth trying – they also have discounts for first-time clients.

3. Lose weight – after the holiday goodies, you might want to lose some weight or simply just get back to your healthy eating habits. The Diet of Common Sense is also a good place to start if you want to have the information in one place. If you want to accelerate the results and lose weight too, follow the 5 principles and meal plans more closely. The recipes are fast, easy, nutritious and with little calories, ideal for weight-loss short and long-term.


There are also nutrients and supplements that can help you burn calories and belly fat faster. Did I mention the Wake Me Up 2-in-1 Coffee Smoothie to start the day with energy? (a blend between coffee and breakfast). Or the Egg & Avocado on Toast Delicious Combination? Check this article to get some ideas: 5 Healthy Ideas for Busy People – under 30 Minutes Recipes. Short-term, if you want to accelerate the weight loss process, you may also want to try a popular weight-loss supplement with green tea or Garcinia Cambogia.

4. Get regular physical activity – if you’re just starting out, it’s best to take baby steps to avoid injuries or lose motivation from too much effort. Even a 15 minutes’ walk or yoga session can help you get started. Exercise is key to stay in shape or lose weight and burn belly fat faster. No matter if it’s for losing weight or general health and well-being, regular physical activity should be one of your priorities for 2020.

Drink water during sport


5. Drink more water – staying hydrated is critical for good health. Drink 2-3 liters of water/liquids daily. Liquids can include the juice from fresh fruits and vegetables, hot soups (especially important during the winter season), tea, fresh juices, fruit-infused water. It will benefit your whole body – it’s good for flushing the toxins out, promotes softer skin and good health. Sip liquids consistently during the day. Hydrate creatively for a plus of flavor and fun – choose creative bottle models such as Hidrate Spark – this smart water bottle with a sensor inside, that sends glowing reminders to hydrate, or the BlendJet – the original portable blender great to make smoothies, juices and shakes on the go. If you want to have fun while staying on track with your water intake, use the WaterMinder app.

6. Quit smoking – there’s no need to say that smoking and good health cannot go hand in hand. Smoking does not only impact your health but also your budget. If you want to save both some years in your life and some money, quit smoking. Get some nicotine patches if it helps in the short term, but cutting out this expensive habit should be a top priority for 2020 (in case you haven’t already given up smoking, and if so, congratulations!)

7. Drink less alcohol – another money and lifesaver. Except for red wine which has resveratrol – a powerful antioxidant. Studies indicate that drinking red wine reduces inflammation, protects your heart and has anti-aging benefits. For healthy adults, 1 glass of red wine daily seems to provide the most benefits.

8. Get quality sleep – get 6-8 hours of sleep every night. Going to bed before midnight (around 10 pm) is ideal because those are the hours when you can get the most restful sleep. Switch off your electronic devices at least one hour before going to bed. Try to develop an evening routine with yoga, music, and aromatherapy that can help you unwind after a stressful day.

Are Your Sleep Habits Sound? Take the quiz and find out what you need to adjust to your bedtime routine!

A good sleep routine

9. (Better) stress management – avoid stress triggers and practice techniques to reduce stress: healthy eating, getting quality nutrients, quality sleep at night, a power nap in the afternoon, regular exercise, a relaxing bedtime routine, experimenting with essential oils (especially lavender). And last but not least: laugh! Effective stress management built on these pillars will prevent stress from building up – which can, cumulatively, lead to burnout.

10. Enjoy life to the fullest – Make every day count. Be the architect of your own life and dreams. Create your ideal lifestyle. Live life on your own terms. Laugh and have fun! Focusing on the positives will create the release of so-called happiness hormones. The most popular ones are endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin.

If you enjoyed and got inspiration from this article, share it with your friends! Sharing is caring! Health should be abundant, it’s not a competition here. Share this article and your goals with your family and friends to help you stay more committed and inspire them to pursue their goals!



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