How to Stay Healthy, Informed and Entertained #SafeatHome

Upgrade Your Skills while You Stay Safe at Home

How to keep yourself healthy, informed and entertained during the #Coronavirus crisis while staying #SafeatHome

We are facing the world’s biggest public health crisis of the century. And experts are talking about an economic crisis that is about to happen too. How do you stay on top of things, and even more, take advantage and create your own opportunities? A few thoughts on this one.


  1. First of all, stay safe at home, take the safety cautions recommended by experts and protect your health.

Get information from official sources. Take the World Health Organization’s (WHO) online training as a weapon to fight the new coronavirus. Information is power! Protect yourself and the ones you love! Find out more here .


In times like these, we realize that our health capital is our biggest resource. And we need to actively do things to stay informed and healthy. Here is how my courses can help:


Healthy eating for busy peopleExplore My Signature Course: The Diet of Common Sense

A common-sense approach for active people to stay healthy, improve energy and mental power!

It is a lifestyle approach for people who want to be the best possible version of themselves in their limited time as entrepreneurs, busy professionals, athletes, busy moms or other active roles that demand a lot of energy from your side. You can eat better just by focusing on 5 key principles you need to apply to your food choices. I want to help you, busy people, lead creative, happy and healthy lives!  Join us now!


Healthy Eating Hacks for Busy PeopleHealthy Eating Hacks for Busy People (Course)

It is the Accelerator of my Signature Course (The Diet of Common Sense).

While The Diet of Common Sense Course is centered around healthy eating in the long-term (as a lifestyle), the Accelerator gives shortcuts and hacks for people who want faster results. It puts you on the fast lane to better health and happiness.

Join us now!


Brain Foods and Nootropics Brain Foods, Nootropics and their Impact on Your Brain (Course)

Learn how to make your brain work at its full potential with brain foods.

Like a car performs at its best with quality gasoline, so does your mind function best with brain foods. Research supports this fact – that what you eat influences your brain’s function and how you feel.   Join us now!


Get the Welcome FREEBIE!

30 Recipes To Kick Start and Encourage Your Healthy Eating Habits for Life (Recipes Booklet)

Discover 30 recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (all under 30 minutes preparation time) and experiment how easy and delicious healthy meals can be!


2. Upgrade your Skills and Knowledge while you #StaySafe at Home!

Upgrade your skills with online coursesIn times of crisis, the best investment you can do is in yourself. Stay ahead of your competition and prepare for worsening conditions, if they will ever occur. As the saying goes: Wish for the best, prepare for the worst.

In times like these, we need to stay on top of things. Watch out for your health, education, and skills, and gain a competitive advantage in your niche. Explore professional courses from your area of interest (career and personal development).

Join us now!


     3. Also, don’t forget to take care of yourself. Schedule me-time to relax and increase your immunity through self-care. These tips will encourage wellness while you are working from home.


Having a boring day? Fix it with coffeeThe Truth about Coffee – How Much Coffee a Day Should You Drink?

Coffee lovers, this topic is for you! We’ll explore the benefits of coffee, based on science. Is coffee good for you? How much coffee is the optimal amount to get all the health benefits, but avoid the negative side effects? What is „The Tipping Point”? This course is for everybody who wants to have a good relationship with … coffee.

Join us now over a cup of coffee!



Develop daily self-care habitsLove Yourself More – The Ultimate Self-Care Guide (Shh, Women’s Only)

How to Develop Daily Mini-Habits to Look and Feel at Your Best

Learn how to manage stress and anxiety with a sound self-care routine.

We’ll explore self-care activities that will reward even your most stressful days. Learn to plan 15-60 minutes of „me-time” daily to relax, feel happier and more energetic in your life!

This course is developed mostly for women’s needs, as they are more likely to have an emotional part that can be greatly rewarded by having them take better care of themselves regularly.  Join us now!


I hope you are well, and that you will stay well throughout this crisis. Even more, that you will use this crisis as an opportunity to be better and do better.

Do you know somebody who could use this support right now? Please refer these courses to anyone who might need these resources, for their information, personal development or simply just for entertainment. It’s another way of saying hello, I hope you are well, I care. Sharing is caring!

Let me know if you have any questions or if I can be of help in any way.


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