How To Lose Weight Like A Celebrity

How To Lose Weight Like A Celebrity

Ben Bruno is the nutrition coach of some famous people including Kate Upton and Jessica Biel. In this TODAY’s video, he walks us through a typical day’s diet for his celebrities clients.

Learn how to lose weight and stay healthy like a celebrity with this simple and common sense advice.

He firstly provides a general template for meals: each meal should be based around protein, vegetables and a moderate amount of healthy fat and unprocessed carbohydrates. Here is a sample menu you can adjust based on this general framework.



Whole eggs – veggie omelette, berries, coffee with milk. The veggie omelette includes some feta cheese and avocado as healthy fats. Ass some fruit, coffee and milk or whatever you like to put in your coffee.

Alternative for omelette: oatmeal with protein powder mix.

How To Lose Weight Like A Celebrity



Salad with grilled chicken, add cheese, fruit and seeds, avocado, pumpkin seeds, oil based dressing, optional tofu.



Lunch and dinner are kind of interchangeable.

A sample dinner includes salmon, veggies, sweet potatoes, healthy fat, you can decorate it with a slice of lemon.

How To Lose Weight Like A Celebrity


Post workout snacks

Instead of snacking on crackers, chips, have some proteins.

Protein shake – find a protein shake that tastes good, Bruno uses one called Metabolic Dry.

Most people try to be too restrictive with their meals. Try to have some flexibility, it’s also important to have some fun too. That’s why on the long term a general frameweork on how to approach healthy eating works best.


Everybody can eat, feel and be their best like a celebrity!

Watch the full interview here:


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  1. These are some good options for those looking to lose weight, utilizing some of the better foods for the human body in the process. Great insight!

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