How to Climb the Weight Loss Mountain

The Weight Loss Mountain

Sometimes our goals are so big that they look like mountains.

Think about:

The Weight Loss Mountain

The Marathon Mountain


The Starting a Business Mountain

Especially if you’re starting from scratch. It looks almost impossible to achieve. But still there are people who lost so much weight and there are people who run marathons regularly. And they once started from scratch too.

How to approach the Weight Loss Mountain, the Marathon Mountain and The Starting a Business Mountain? By exercising regularly at paces that are suitable for you and gradually increase intensity. Capitalize on your small wins and consistency, which on the long term can lead to big results.

Then in the future, you will be able to proudly look back and see what a big mountain you have moved.

View these challenges like a marathon, not a sprint.


What big mountains have you moved in the past and you’re proud of? And which ones do you plan to move in the future? Join the discussion by writing your comments below!



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1 thought on “How to Climb the Weight Loss Mountain”

  1. When it comes to weight loss to any degree, it’s important to know that, as you stated, it should be treated as a marathon and not a sprint. Great insight shared in this piece!

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