Healthy-Living Instagram Accounts to Follow

Healthy vegan salad of vegetables

The Internet can be a pretty confusing place. With so many inspirational #healthies and #recipes to follow, where do you start?

Check out these profiles:


Refined sugar is bad for the body and super-addictive. Cut off sugar from your life or if you can’t, replace it with healthier alternatives like honey and dark chocolate. Get inspiration from Sarah’s sugar-free meals and improve your life with just one simple habit: cutting off sugar.

Cut sugar off


Elizabeth Rider is a leading healthy lifestyle expert teaching women around the world healthy recipes and modern lifestyle advice. Her eating habits are “a lot vegan”, but she doesn’t particularly label her eating habits. She particularly loves organic coffee and lemon water.

She decided to become a health coach after struggling with some health issues: low thyroid since she was 18, and still dealing with a chronic Epstein-Barr virus. She believes in choosing progress over perfection, so start living healthier today, no matter where you are in your health journey – there is always room for improvement.

Healthy bowl


Readers’ Choice Awards winner, Sarah B’s blog, ‘My New Roots’ has been the place for her to share the edible inspirations from her playtime in the kitchen, and her deep love for whole foods. After studying holistic nutrition, she was amazed by the benefits of plant-based eating, and wanted to teach others what she had learnt through stunning photography and recipes.


A plant-based lifestyle platform founded by Ella, the wellness warrior. After being diagnosed with ‘postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome’ in 2011, she decided to take a proactive approach to healthy living to improve her condition. Discover delicious ways to feel better with food, physical activity and a positive life.


@livegreenhealthy reposts recipes and dishes from the most reputable foodies around. Check it for a well curated collection of healthy #foodies.

healthy lifestyle


Globetrotter Madeline Lu is both a healthy lifestyle enthusiast and photographer. She promotes ‘simple, healthy food’, so simple that even a kitchen newbie can enjoy. Together with her travel and lifestyle photos, her vibrant profile inspire positive lifestyle changes.

Healthy lifestyle


Good Food every day from the UK’s no. 1 food media brand. All about good recipes, and quality home cooking that everyone can enjoy.

Mango recipe


Good food bad attitude. Sharing her love of fruit, vegetables and low-fat vegan food from Southern California. Wellness for regular people.

healthy sandwiches


Mom of 6 and content creator, Diane shares healthy recipes for the whole family.


Sharing recipes, wellness and positivity. Simple, delicious and on the budget, her recipes are a good way to get started with healthy food.

healthy recipes



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