Feeling the End of Year Burnout? Practical Solutions

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The end of the year is stressful for everyone in business, having busy social lives or simply struggling with traffic jams, Christmas cleaning and shopping.

Do you experience constant feelings of exhaustion, chronic fatigue, anxiety and the feeling that you are overwhelmed by your current situation at work or life in general? You may experience burnout! Burnout is actually the build-up of stress over time. Besides the effects at the physical level, burnout also reduces the connectivity between different parts of the brain, which can impact creativity, focus, problem-solving skills, general performance. Burnout can also impact your immunity, making you more prone to colds and flues. So burnout can affect your body both at physical and psychological levels (body and brain) when stress builds up over time.

In a recent survey of thousands of workers across the U.S., 70% reported working more than 40 hours a week and feeling burned out. While everyone experiences daily stress in some form, when it is severe enough and doesn’t let up, burnout is the result.

Although burnout is stress build up over time, when we reach the critical point we may feel such a breakdown that we need a quick fix to relieve the symptoms.

How can we deal with burnout in the short term? With an “emergency kit” that will simplify your life and help you cope with the effects of stress immediately:

1. Get Enough Sleep – a good night’s sleep is key to feeling rested both physically and psychologically. During a good night’s sleep, the body “repairs” itself, so you cannot miss it. It’s a “quick fix” but it’s not enough.

To relieve stress, unwind and help you have a good night sleep, try this natural aid:


Natural sleep aid

  • Helps Reduce Feelings of Anxiety, Worry & Sadness
  • Improve Mood & Get Quick Relief From Emotional & Physical Stress
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2. Smart Eating – eat healthy and nutritious foods that also help “repair” your body cells, because we are what we eat. You’ll feel nourished, more energetic and able to cope better with stress.

With my course The Diet of Common Sense you can get a quick overview of nutrition for busy people, entrepreneurs and active individuals who lack time but value their health and well-being. You’ll focus on the fundamentals that will give you, busy people, the shortcuts to a healthier you.

If you don’t have time to spend cooking, you may choose to get your healthy meals delivered. Here are 2 convenient options:

Vegin’Out – Vegan Meal Delivery Service – choose among a variety of meal plans and dishes, delivered across the United States. Vegin’Out ship the fresh meals at your doorstep. All you have to do is just to heat up the delicious vegan dishes and enjoy it! Time to heat and eat. That’s it!

Vegin’Out – Healthy, organic, wholesome & affordable vegan meal delivery service nationwide. $20 Off 1st Order (code: Share20).

Real Eats – Healthy meals ready in 6 minutes. Chef prepared and made simple Using Fresh, Whole, Responsibly-Sourced Ingredients. Support Farmers and Help Build a Healthier Food Future!

RealEats Meal Plans are healthy and convenient. Nutritious, made from responsibly sourced ingredients, delivered to your door, and you can keep fresh in the fridge for up to 7 days. All you need is a pot of boiling water and about 6 minutes! Get $30 OFF your first order! Quick deliveries in the NY area.

If you live outside the U.S. or N.Y. or simply want something more convenient, locate a restaurant or other catering option in your proximity and select healthy dishes from the menu.


3. Get an energy boost or a “quick fix” with the aid of supplements. Although supplements cannot replace healthy and nutritious meals, they can complement them or “repair” certain nutritional deficiencies.

Body⇌Brain Energy™

Nootropic based formula

Body⇌Brain Energy™  is a Nootropic based formula, containing 21 clinically researched ingredients, designed to help maximize your physical energy and optimize your mental performance*… Resulting in a whole-body energy boost, with anti-aging benefits for your body and brain!*

Body⇌Brain Energy™ has a proven track record because the formula utilizes scientifically researched ingredients, supported by clinical data.* Every ingredient comes with a Certificate of Analysis and is manufactured in the US, under strict GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) & NSF (third-party certification) regulations.

  • Quickly Increase Energy Levels – Both Body & Mind
  • Enhance: Memory – Focus – Muscle Stamina – Oxygen Usage
  • Even though results can be FELT within the first dose, the clinically validated ingredients show dramatic improvements in only 14 days.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed: If Body⇌Brain Energy™ doesn’t improve your energy, focus and mental performance, you’ll receive a full money-back refund!


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