Coconut Products You’ll Go Nuts For

Variety of coconut products

Say hello to a healthy and energized 2020 with coconut products you’ll go nuts for!

Coconut (cocos nucifera L.) has grown in popularity and nowadays there are many options in grocery stores, supermarkets and on the Internet. Versatility and creativity are keywords when it comes to coconut products– from culinary art to cosmetic products, healthcare, coconut kitchenware, and even…coconut bikini!

We cook with coconut oil, add it to salads, oatmeal, and coffee, blend it into our shakes and smoothies, and hydrate with coconut water.

This rise in popularity is due to more studies showing the antiviral and antimicrobial benefits of coconut. It is a healthy alternative to milk products that people with dairy and gluten limitations can enjoy. Coconut has nutrients such as vitamins (A, C, D, B6, B12, E), magnesium, calcium, iron, omega 3 fatty acids. The nutrients are more powerful when the product is as close to its natural – raw – state.

Coconut oil is used both in the food and cosmetic industries. The purest form is the virgin coconut oil used for cooking, salads or even for topical skin applications. It is very nourishing for the skin and internally it protects the heart due to the omega 3 fatty acids that fight bad cholesterol.

Coconut milk – either liquid or evaporated coconut milk (powder) is a dairy-free alternative to milk. Use coconut milk as a healthy substitute for dairy in smoothies, cereals, tea or other vegan dishes.

Bai Coconut Flavored Water

Coconut water – is full of nutrients, it has more potassium than bananas, is cholesterol and fat-free. Many athletes use it to hydrate during their workouts due to the powerful electrolytes.

Bai Coconut Flavored Water – with flavor infusions you can never get bored of: of lime, mango, pineapple. It contains 35mg of caffeine per serving.


Coconut aminos – are a popular and healthy alternative to soy sauce. You can use it as a dip for sushi, a salad seasoning and other sauces made with soy. Coconut vinegar is also used for salads. Check the coconut aminos and vinegar from Coconut Secret brand.

Raw coconut butter


Coconut butter – is a more creamy substitute for traditional dairy-butter. Check Artisana Organics – coconut butter that melts in the mouth.




Coconut flour – is a non-wheat, gluten-free flour, packed with protein and fiber. Learn how to cook with coconut flour with The Healthy Coconut Flour Cookbook Kindle Edition.

Coconut flour cookbook

Other coconut products are:

coconut sugar 

– shredded coconut (coconut flakes) – is used in smoothies, cakes, energy balls.

– coconut yogurt, coconut ice-cream, coconut creamer are products typically found in grocery stores, due to the specialized storage conditions.

Coconut activated charcoal – is specifically formulated for food and beverage usage. Activated charcoal is a normal charcoal that has been heated in the presence of steam so as to increase its adsorptive properties. It can be used in smoothies, cosmetics and teeth whitening. Internally, it has digestive properties, helps with detox, bloating, prevents a hangover.

Activated coconut charcoal_

Dark chocolate coconut bars – make great healthy snacks

Dark chocolate coconut bars

Discover other wellness products, made from coconut and infused with other nutrients such as probiotics and turmeric.

Following the eco-friendly trend, coconut bowls and kitchenware and coconut beauty products are available on Amazon.

What kind of coconut products do you use? Let us know your experiences in the comments below.

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