Get Fit with Chloe Ting’s Viral Youtube Workouts

Get fit with Chloe Ting
Chloe Ting is a 30-something trainer from Australia who joined YouTube in 2011 but didn’t start going viral until she started posting workouts on TikTok and more and more people started doing her “challenges.” These challenges are often broken down into one or two-week time periods and promise dramatic results typically within a week or two.

Chloe Ting now has over 24 million subscribers on YouTube and was the most subscribed YouTube channel in the world for two months straight—going from 10 million subscribers to 14.5 million in just two months!
Chloe Ting has a strong following on YouTube, and for good reason — her workouts deliver results. She will push you to your limit and challenge you to new levels of fitness. Her workouts are also very customizable – you can mix and match different exercises, if you want to do fewer reps or add in some body weight exercises instead. And the best part? There’s no equipment necessary!
Sure, some of her videos are pretty intense, but she still manages to make them approachable and fun. While some other trainers might have you feel like a failure for not being able to complete every challenge, Ting always motivates you throughout and lets you know when it’s okay to take a break or switch up a move if your body just isn’t feeling it anymore.
If you’re looking for new workout ideas, you can have a lot of fun with this instructor. She offers a variety of different workouts, covering most of the training categories people might be interested in. Some are low impact and easy on the joints, while others are more high intensity.


For example, this Youtube video has over 11 million views for a reason: it shows real people getting real fitness results within 2 weeks! Dreaming of your perfect abs and beach body? You might want to check Chloe Ting’s challenges!

AMAZING Before After Results from Chloe Ting Challenges | Get MOTIVATED:


The workouts themselves range from light, quick sessions to more intense workouts. They can be done at home or outdoors, with or without equipment (though there are suggestions for specific equipment if you have it available to you), and the main focus is on muscle toning rather than cardio-level intensity. She also includes ab exercises that target the smaller muscles of the body, such as the upper chest and obliques. From beginners to advanced athletes, these workouts will help you build strength and tone your muscles.
Chloe Ting’s workouts are designed with your objectives in mind, whether you’re looking to tone up, burn fat or stay injury-free. Her videos range from five minutes to 20-30 minutes over one week and two week programs. Here are the focus areas to choose from: warm-up, HIIT and cardio, strength and tone, or cool down. You can target exercises for buts, arms, abs, legs, upper body, lower body, and full body.



Abs in 2 Weeks | Abs Workout Challenge 2020

Abs, abs, abs! Check out Chloe Ting’s get abs in 2 weeks video



Ting’s fitness program is highly customizable, making it easy to modify your workout for beginners or those who want a full body workout with less cardio. And unlike other high-intensity workouts that require a lot of equipment and space, Ting’s workouts are all bodyweight-based and can be done in your living room.


And the best part? No gym membership required. Check out Chloe Ting’s Youtube channel here.


Get a Round Booty Home Workout | Grow A Booty Challenge

Episode 1 of the 4 weeks Grow A Booty Challenge! You’ll need some dumbbells and resistance bands, but if you don’t have any, you can still try out the workout with body weight to get familiar with the exercises while you get your equipment:


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