10 Health And Fitness Tips For Busy People

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1. Make your health and well-being a priority

. Decide to be healthy and commit time and energy to manage your most important asset: YOUR HEALTH. You are what you eat, and you cannot run like a Ferrari if you’re fueled with cheap gasoline, right?

Pro tip: How to Avoid Procrastination and Eat Healthy – watch the Youtube video:


2. Start every day with breakfast. Breakfast is often called ‘the most important meal of the day’, and for good reason. Think of Breakfast as ENERGY – every time you have a healthy breakfast, you feel energetic and can start the day right. Your body and mind fuel on healthy food, which can help you perform the most demanding tasks in the morning.

Pro tip: Make breakfast a habit – even if it means eating the same healthy thing every day instead of skipping breakfast. Include quality protein and healthy fats, fruits and veggies in your meals.


3. Learn some quick & easy recipes. When you’re busy and don’t have time to cook, hate cooking or you simply need to prioritize other activities, some simple and quick recipes can be life changing. The best recipes are healthy, easy and ideally, under 30 minutes preparation time.

Here are some quick recipes to help you get started:

Quick and Easy Breakfast Ideas for Your Busy Mornings

What’s In Your Lunchbox?


Pro tip: cook with music. Food is better when music is involved. No matter if it’s cooking or dining, food and music are better together.


4. Believe in the power of superfoods. Not all foods were created equal and you cannot go wrong with a combination of superfoods (nutritionally dense foods with potential health benefits). The superfoods list should include berries (especially blueberries), beans and lentils, fish rich in omega 3 fatty acids (salmon), greany leaves, whole grains, nuts and seeds, vegetable oils.

Pro tip: No single food — not even a superfood — can offer all the nutritional benefits and energy to nourish ourselves. Diversification is key.


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5. Drink enough water. We are 70% water, our brain is mostly water, so hydration is very important. Hydration consists of drinking about 2-3 liters of liquids daily including water, freshly squeezed juices, lemonade, tea, soups and other liquids.

Pro tip: add some taste to your water! Flavored ice cubes, squeezed mint leaves, fruits.

How to Make Coconut Water Fruit Cubes – watch the Youtube video:


6. Sleep at least 7-9 hours per night. Sleep is like nutrition for the brain. Most people need between 7 and 9 hours each night. Lack of sleep can determine overeating and other health problems. Create a bedtime ritual. This can include activities such as reading, meditation, taking a warm bath. Stay away from all electronic devices one hour prior to bedtime.

Pro tip: create a bedtime routine and go to bed at the same time every night, ideally around 9-10 pm. The best sleep you can get is before midnight, so these hours ensure you get quality and restful sleep.


7. Relax – Coping with the impact of chronic stress can be challenging, especially on the long term. The way to manage stress is to prevent stress from building up. Listen to relaxation music, laugh, meditate, take a 30 minute walk. This will keep you healthy both physically and mentally.

Pro tip: schedule daily me-time in your calendar. This should consist of regular 10-30 minutes’ breaks with the objective to prevent stress from building up.


8. Keep moving. Find a way to incorporate some kind of physical activities in your schedule, no matter how busy you are. Ideally daily and in nature, for at least 30 minutes. This can include going to the gym, running or a simple 30 minutes’ walk. Climbing the stairs, gardening or home cleaning count as moderate physical activities too.

Pro tip: Forest and Nature Bathing is extremely effective in treating physical and especially mental health. The Japanese practice of shinrin yoku, or Forest Bathing, is good for both physical and mental wellbeing. Forest bathing is about an immersion of the senses into the natural world.

Find out more about Forest and Nature Bathing – watch the Youtube video:


9. Adjust portions sizes to prevent overeating. When it comes to portion size, remember that less is more: our bodies are designed to feel better and live longer when we stop eating before we get full. Our stomach should be about 80% full.

Pro tip: There’s a 15 minutes time delay until our stomach and brain get in sync. Which means, only after 15 minutes after we stop eating does our brain realize that our stomach is full. So eat slowly and in smaller plates and eventually refill after 15 minutes, to make sure you don’t get stuffed too quickly and feel discomfort.


10. Eat the optimum number of 5 meals / day (3 balanced meals + 2 healthy snacks). They say eat like a king in the morning, like a prince in the afternoon and like a begger in the evening. Which means breakfast and lunch can be more consistent, dinner should be lighter.

Pro tip: Between the 3 main meals, add 2 healthy snacks to keep your energy levels balanced.


What are your favorite tips for an active life? Share your ideas in the comments below!

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