The Minimalist Approach to Making Healthy Eating Easier

Living the minimalist life

There is no specific minimalist diet, it’s rather a lifestyle. Minimalism is based on living as simply as possible, in all areas of your life: belongings, relationships, schedule, diet. It saves you money and time, helping you prioritize your activities.

How would a minimalist diet look like? By eating healthily and spending as little time as possible cooking your meals. Making smart food choices with super foods.

Does The Diet of Common Sense help you achieve this goal? Let’s look at its 5 key principles:
S: Start Every Day with Breakfast: Get your fuel to start the day with energy
T: The 80-20 Principles Approach: Eat 80% healthy, whole foods and 20% the best of the rest
A: Adjust Portions Sizes: Eat in smaller plates and refill if needed
R: Right Number of 5 Meals/Day: 3 meals + 2 healthy snacks
S: Sip Enough Water: Drink 2-3 liters of liquids per day

Now let’s take a sample meal plan:

Breakfast: a smoothie with super foods, fruits, nuts and seeds; cereals or granola with fruits, nuts and seeds ; omelet with spinach
Lunch and dinner can be similar, with the difference that lunch can be more consistent: a vegetable cream soup; a salad with salmon or chicken; steamed vegetables with tofu ; turkey with baked potatoes. This is to name a few dishes that can make a great lunch/dinner.
Healthy snacks can include veggie sticks; a banana or an apple; whole-grain crackers, fruits and nuts bars; a handful of berries.

Snacks bar. Healthy vegetables sticks and hummus

Drink water and fresh juices during the day.

By sticking to this sample meal plan, for example, you are almost 100% to an ideal diet. The 20% of “the best of the rest” can include a cake, some bacon for your morning omelet, a small side of fries, a small portion of pastries, an ice cream, a few squares of chocolate. Not all at once, of course. It’s common sense to make the math to keep your cravings in the 20% ratio. If you are a healthy individual that sticks to an 80-20 approach, minimize the stress factors in your life, make some kind of physical activity, you should be more than fine with this minimalistic lifestyle approach.

By keeping your options straight and simple, you gain more time, energy and mental clarity to focus on what’s important to you. If your health and well being is important to you, but you lack time, with a minimalist diet you can achieve your health goals. Over time, you are building your health capital that can keep most diseases in check and saves you lots of time. It’s a winning proposition for you, considering the needs of active, modern individuals. It’s a lifestyle approach for busy people such as professionals from different backgrounds, entrepreneurs and in general busy people concerned with their health and well-being.

The Diet of Common Sense – the common sense approach for active people to stay healthy, improve energy and mental power. It’s minimalistic and over time, helps you build good deposits of health.

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