The Diet of The Common Sense

What is the Diet of the Common Sense?

  • A nutrition guideline for modern individuals who are looking for simple and smart food choices for optimal health.
  • A practical approach to nutrition for entrepreneurs, busy professionals, students and other active people.
  • The 5 STARS Principles approach simple enough to help you make the changes stick long term.

It is based on a 5 STARS Principles Model, a guideline to nutrition for busy people:

Principle 1: Start every day with breakfast;

Principle 2: The 80/20 principle;

Principle 3: Adjust portions size;

Principle 4: Remember 5 meals/day;

Principle 5: Sip water all day.

The Diet of the Common Sense is about the fact that as long as you are aware and proceed with common sense about your food choices, eating healthy doesn’t have to be a complicated process!

It’s a matter of habit and continuity. First you make the habit, then the habit makes you!

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