Principle 1: Start every Day with Breakfast

Some of us have the habit of skipping breakfast, don’t we?

However, breakfast should be the most important meal of the day, since:

  • 10-12 hours after dinner, our body is depleted of energy and needs fuel.
  • It’s in the morning when you can have the most done. Also, being intentional about the 1st meal of the day (when willpower is at its peak) is a way to educate your healthiest habits and feel empowered to keep your good habits strong during the day.
  • In the first half of the day we are very active and need more energy.

The Diet of the Common Sense - Start Every Day with Breakfast 2

But knowing is not enough, it requires doing. However, we may fail to implement on our good intentions because we get up late in the morning, preparing breakfast takes time and other excuses.

Think of Breakfast as ENERGY – every time you have a healthy breakfast, you feel energetic, so associate it in your mind with energy. This way you can feel more committed.

Although there are people who stick to the same breakfast every day, it’s advisable to vary the breakfast options during the week, to have a better nutritional balance.

Breakfast of champions:

Cereals – in different parts of the world, cereals are the most frequent breakfast option. And most of the time, a healthy one. They can be easily included in the lunch and dinner menu, when you want something easy to prepare and consistent as well. You can put them in the evening to expand and in the morning they have a great consistency! Or if you like crisp cereals better, consume them as such.

The Diet of the Common Sense - Start Every Day with Breakfast 3

Studies show they are very nutritious, keep you full, help you lose weight and are beneficial to your health. However, it’s very important to choose the right type of cereals, as the processed cereals and those loaded with sugar can actually be quite unhealthy. Instead, choose simple cereals – plain ones are the best!

You can eat cereals with milk, low-fat yogurt or vegetable milk. Add nuts and seeds, fresh or dried fruit. Try hemp seeds – a great source of vegetable proteins, bananas, almonds, pistachio. You may also add some cinnamon for an explosion of taste and flavor!

But knowYou can also eat cereals with salad (brown rice/quinoa with salad).

The Diet of the Common Sense - Start Every Day with Breakfast 4

A healthy sandwich – salmon with toast and avocado.

Boiled eggs – eggs have lean proteins, however proceed with care about the quantities.

Smoothies with vegetables, fruit and nuts – are quick, flexible and sooo packed with nutrients. However, you need to be aware of the fact that some of them can be real caloric bombs, so watch out if you want to lose weight. For example, if you put a banana, several other 3-4 fruits, nuts, peanut butter, although healthy – this smoothie is a calorie bomb of 700 kcal. It doesn’t mean that fruit and vegetables do not have a lot of calories. However, if you’re a sportsman whose daily calorie ratio should go up to 5,000 kcal, you can afford a 700 kcal bomb for breakfast.

The Diet of the Common Sense - Start Every Day with Breakfast 6

Chia pudding – has a lot of healthy ingredients, is a source of quality vegetable proteins; add honey, cinnamon or fruits for a good taste.




Remember: breakfast is energy! Don’t skip it, get your daily pack of nutrients!


Make breakfast a habit – even if it means eating the same thing every day.


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