Hims vs. Roman – Which Hair Treatment Is Better?

Hims vs. Roman for hair growth

Male hair loss is a common concern, and with busy schedules, traditional in-person doctor visits can feel daunting. Telemedicine companies like Hims and Roman have emerged as convenient options for discreetly addressing hair loss.

Both Hims and Roman are leading telemedicine companies offering solutions for men’s health concerns, including hair loss. But with similar offerings, which one should you choose for your hair growth journey?



This article dives into the key features of Hims and Roman for hair growth treatments, helping you make an informed decision for your journey to thicker, fuller hair.



Treatment Options


Hims: Offers a wider variety of hair loss treatments, including topical minoxidil (liquid, foam, or chewable tablets), finasteride tablets, and a hair thickening shampoo and conditioner. Explore trusted ingredients shown to regrow hair in 3‑6 months.


Roman: Focuses on the core medications: topical minoxidil (liquid or foam) and finasteride tablets. Treatments include spray, serum, and oral meds.





Hims: Generally slightly more expensive than Roman, but may offer bundled discounts for combining medications and hair care products. There’s also a $5 processing fee on all orders.


Roman: Often has lower prices on individual medications, particularly topical minoxidil.



Additional Services


Hims: Offers a wider range of telehealth consultations for various men’s health concerns.


Roman: Primarily focuses on hair loss, erectile dysfunction, and premature ejaculation consultations.



Summary Table


Feature Hims Roman
Treatment Options More variety, including topical minoxidil, finasteride, and hair care products Primarily topical minoxidil and finasteride
Pricing Generally slightly higher, with bundled discounts and processing fee Often lower on individual medications
Additional Services Wider range of telehealth consultations Focuses on hair loss, ED, and PE consultations



Choosing the Right Option


Hims: Ideal if you prefer a wider selection of hair loss treatments, including hair care products, or require consultations for other men’s health needs.


Roman: A good choice if you prioritize affordability and are comfortable with the core hair loss medications (minoxidil and finasteride).



Important Note


Both Hims and Roman require an online consultation with a licensed healthcare professional before prescribing medications.


Remember, hair loss treatment is a long-term commitment, and consistency is key to see results. It’s always best to discuss your specific situation with a doctor to determine the best course of action for your hair growth goals.


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