Healthy Smoothie Recipes for Energy and Weight Loss

Rainbow Colored Smoothie Bowl for weight loss

Get Started with Rainbow Smoothie Bowls!

Smoothie bowls are perfect as a delicious breakfast, healthy dessert or colorful snack. They’re packed with nutrient-rich ingredients to start your day with energy, are rich in antioxidants, and if they’re not too sweet and have too many calories, they can help you lose weight too. For weight loss, vegetable smoothies are usually prefered because they’re low in calories and sugar.

Check out our favorite healthy smoothie recipes ready in just a few minutes or less! They can also make portable breakfast options on your busy mornings.


6 Healthy Smoothie Bowl Recipes

Here are 6 Healthy Smoothie Bowl Recipes you will definitely want to make! These are perfect for a healthy and delicious breakfast, lunch or snack! All of them are vegan and dairy free!

Did I mention they look amazing?

Get the recipe here:


Chocolate Shell Smoothie Bowls

Easy to make, with simple ingredients and a burst of flavour: strawberry and banana, mango, berry and banana. And the chocolate topping makes it really smoothielicious.

Wanna try it?

Get the recipe here:


NEW FAVE! Watermelon Whip Recipe

A watermelon and strawberries creamy whip smoothie bowl. It’s so good and perfect for summer! A healthy breakfast, snack or dessert you can enjoy especially during the hot summer days. Surprise your guests with this bowl!

Get the recipe here:


How to Make the Perfect Green Smoothie for Glowing Skin

If you’re wandering how to make the perfect green smoothie you can drink every morning and feel balanced and energized, check out this video. It’s a balanced smoothie including veggies and fruits, flaxseeds, condiments for an enhanced taste and spirulina powder for a vibrant green color.

Make sure to check the recipe in the video below:


5 Wholesome Breakfast Smoothies

If you’re feeling like you have a hectic morning and would be skipping breakfast, here are some smoothie recipes ideas you can try. Morning breakfast or afternoon snacks, they are nutritious and delicious: Vibrant Blueberry Smoothie, Chocolate Coffee Mocha Smoothie Bowl, Vibrant Pink Sunrise Smoothie, Immune Booster Smoothie, Mango and Spinach Smoothie.

To make them more wholesome and colorful, top them with granola, nuts, fruits, coconut flakes and seeds.


Bon Appetit!

Which of the above smoothie do you want to try first?


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