Best Exercises to Lose Belly Fat

Best exercises to lose belly fat

Almost all of us want to lose that fat around our bellies. But how do you effectively burn belly fat?


While the best way to lose belly fat is to eat a healthy, nutrient-dense diet and work to create a calorie deficit, different types of exercises that engage the abs can also help burn belly fat.


In addition to being an aesthetic goal, losing belly fat is a good way to improve your overall health. Doing a variety of exercises that combine cardio, strength, and core work will help you reduce body fat.

Here are the best exercises and workouts to lose belly fat, according to personal trainers.



Bicycle Crunches


Bicycle crunches are a great exercise to help you lose belly fat. They allow you to do more with your body, engaging a wider range of muscle groups while also making you more aware of your posture and encouraging better alignment.

Here is how to exercise correctly:






These exercise are one of the best fat burners.

Burpees are a great combination of cardiovascular exercise and strength training. When you do them correctly, they target your core, chest, shoulders, lats, triceps, and quadriceps. They’re best for beginners because of their simplicity and efficiency, yet doing them correctly requires balance, coordination and power.  They’ll also raise your heart rate and burn calories faster than many other exercises.

Here is how to exercise correctly:




Medicine Ball Abs Workout


The medicine ball workouts reward you with the holy trinity of exercise benefits: strength, endurance and athleticism. Using a medicine ball also improves static and dynamic balance.

Medicine balls activate your abdominals and create resistance for strength building. Use the medicine ball workout to help you build muscle, strengthen your core and lose belly fat. You can do this workout anywhere, so you can get in great shape at home or at the gym.

This workout is great for all fitness levels and activates your core muscles. It consists of exercises such as medicine balls slams, mountain climbers, sit-ups, and Russian twists.



Here are more exercises, variations of the Russian twists, that target lower-abs and obliques:





Rowing Machine


If you’re looking for effective exercise equipment to help lose belly fat, then a rowing machine is one of the best choices. Used properly, rowing will strengthen your core and improve overall body conditioning. A rowing machine can be used for both cardio workouts and weight training, which makes it a very versatile piece of exercise equipment. When used effectively, it will help you lose belly fat and tone your stomach.

Here is how to exercise correctly:






The plank is a great exercise to do as part of your ab workout because not only does it help burn belly fat, but it also engages multiple muscles at once, improving core strength and total body stability. Strengthening and toning these muscles is important for many reasons, including preventing back pain, posture and stability problems. From a physical standpoint, strong abs help with your ability to maintain good posture by allowing you to support your weight and lift more weight during other exercises.

Here is how to exercise correctly:




Another variation is the  Swiss Ball Plank:





Kettlebell Swing


The kettlebell swing is an ideal exercise to lose body fat and it helps to improve cardiovascular fitness. This exercise is even good for building strength and power. Kettlebell squats are a top kettlebell exercise to lose belly fat. They work the same muscles as dumbbells or barbell squats – quadriceps and hamstrings.

Here is how to exercise correctly:




Walking on an Incline


To lose 1 lb. of fat, you must burn 3,500 calories. ACE Fitness calculates that a 150-pound person can burn 544 calories climbing stairs for 60 minutes, while the same person only burns 340 calories walking on flat ground at a pace of 4mph.

Walking up an incline makes you burn more fat than walking on flat terrain. Your body uses a greater percentage of fat when you walk uphill, and walking uphill will help you lose pounds faster. Walking up an incline can also help prep your body for hill and mountain climbing, as well as running races.

When you walk on an incline like the treadmill or hills in your neighborhood, you’ll strengthen core muscles and burn more calories. This can help you lose fat from your entire body, including your stomach and thighs.

Here is how to exercise correctly:





Squat Jumps


While you cannot selectively burn fat from your stomach, squatting burns overall fat and builds muscle.

Squats are such a good exercise for burning body fat and building lean muscle that if you’re doing them regularly, you’re highly likely to start dropping body fat all over, including the belly and thighs.

Here is how to exercise correctly:





Pilates Abs Workout


Pilates and other abdominal exercises can help you to lose belly fat by strengthening the inner core muscles and increasing your metabolism. Pilates is a low-impact and effective way to burn calories, tone muscle tissue and elevate heart rate. Pilates helps burn belly fat by increasing the body’s fat burning efficiency and reducing stress in your life.

Here is how to exercise correctly:




These exercise will leave you with a leaner, stronger body and shaped abs in no time.




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