Welcome to The Diet of Common Sense!

 A common-sense approach for active people to stay healthy, improve energy and mental power!

It’s the nutrition of entrepreneurs, busy professionals and other active people who lack time but value their health and well-being.

Who this Course is For

  • Entrepreneurs, busy professionals and other active people who lack time, but value their health and well-being.
  • Busy individuals who want more energy, mental power and an improved lifestyle with better nutrition.
  • It is designed to offer healthy, active individuals shortcuts to a better version of themselves, considering their limited time.
  • Disclaimer: This course is for educational purposes and is not intended to offer professional medical advice. If you have any questions related to your particular situation, especially if you have an existing medical condition, please seek professional medical advice.


Is the Diet of Common Sense Right for You?

  • Do you struggle to understand the jungle of nutrition and still feel confused about its complexity?
  • Are you tired of diets that only work short term, counting calories and nutrients, and other approaches that leave you hungry and frustrated?
  • Are you an active person having to focus on many daily tasks and want a simple 5 principles model for improving your health, energy, and productivity?
  • Do you want to reduce stress, avoid mood swings, and have better mental focus?
  • Do you want to keep it as simple as 5 main principles to make the changes stick long term?

then Welcome to The Diet of Common Sense – healthy eating simplified for active lifestyles.

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What You’ll Learn at a Glance: Healthy Eating, Simplified

 Let me tell you what you’ll learn if you enroll in The Diet of Common Sense Course:

The Cost of Being Unhealthy  – The cost and impact of unhealthy diets, both at individual and government levels and for the environment. If you think real food is expensive, let’s look at the costs of unhealthy diets.

The Relationship between Nutrition, Energy and Overall Health  – Food is to your body like fuel is to your car. You cannot perform like a Ferrari if you’re fueled with cheap gasoline.

The 5 STARS Principles Model

 S – Start Every Day with Breakfast  – Think of breakfast as energy, as your fuel to start the day right. Breakfast = Fuel = Energy.

T – The 80-20 Principle Approach  – Eat 80% real foods and make the other 20% the best of the rest. When in doubt, eat the rainbow!

A – Adjust Portions Sizes – How to eat slowly and in smaller plates and refill if needed.

R – Remember 5 Meals/Day – How to eat daily 3 balanced meals + 2 healthy snacks.

S – Sip Water All Day  – Drink 2-3 liters of liquids daily. Hydrate creatively with flavored water

The Diet of the Common Sense - Sip enough Water 1

The 30 Days Challenge with The Diet of Common Sense 

It takes at least 21 days to create a new habit. So practice what you’ve learnt for one month to experience the positive transformation, to look and feel at your best.

You’ll also get the Food Recipe Booklet for Busy People featuring Recipes To Kick Start and Encourage Your Healthy Eating Habits for Life.

Take action right away, no matter how small! You can start by trying a quick recipe from the recipes booklet, or any/some of the 5 principles.

Collect small wins – which put together, can create a big win in the large scheme of things. Build healthy eating habits, one day at a time. Enjoy and celebrate progress consistently! Each day will bring you closer to your healthiest self yet!


So dear busy entrepreneur, professional or other active people, you only have 24 hours in a day, so you need simple and actionable advice! If you resonate with this, then congratulations! You understand that your health is important and have a powerful reason to learn more!

So you are ready to enroll in this course. Save hundreds of dollars today, thousands as you save on medical expenses!

                           Join Me and Thousands of Empowered People Now!

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The Diet of Common Sense should give you valuable information to help you manage your most important asset: your health. Together with managing your business, career and other priorities in your life. You win on multiple roles, right from day 1. The Diet of Common Sense is practical and action-oriented. And right from the beginning you will look great and feel amazing!

Imagine having better energy levels, more focus, being more productive, coping better with stress, sleeping better, losing weight. See yourself experiencing these benefits. Visualize having more energy and mental clarity throughout the day. How does it feel?

The Diet of the Common Sense


A few Quick Tips from The Diet of Common Sense Course

  • Apply the 80-20 principle to nutrition (80% whole, plant-based foods and 20% can be cravings).
  • Start every day with breakfast – even if you need to eat the same healthy thing every day, it’s better than to skip breakfast regularly.
  • Have the ideal number of 5 meals/day: 3 main meals + 2 healthy snacks.
  • Make smart food choices with super foods. Not all foods were created equal. Unleash the power of super foods and experience their positive benefits!
  • Sip water during the day – even mild dehydration can affect your brain.
  • Prepare quick healthy meals at home – under 30 minutes preparation time. You’ll get a recipe booklet to help you kick start your healthy meal plans.
  • Have portioned ingredients or already prepared healthy meals delivered to your home and office, especially during your most busy times.

Join Me and Thousands of Empowered People Now!

After experimenting the benefits of healthy eating, you will only ask yourself:  What took you so long to be your healthiest self yet?


If you enroll TODAY, I am here to answer all your questions following the Course! 

So start working on your healthy eating challenge TODAY!

Let’s do this together! Join me and thousands of others in this health journey!

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