Best Fish Oil Supplements In 2023

Best Fish Oil Supplements

Fish oil supplements are fairly popular, as they are a convenient way to increase intake of Omega-3 fatty acids, which are important for overall health. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, your body needs Omega-3 fatty acids for many functions, from muscle activity to cell growth.

According to a survey conducted by the Council for Responsible Nutrition in 2020, 21% of American adults reported taking a fish oil or Omega-3 supplement in the past year. The popularity of fish oil supplements may also vary depending on geographic location, as people in certain regions, such as Scandinavia, may consume more fish and seafood as part of their regular diet.


According to the 2012 National Health Interview Survey, about 7.8 percent of adults (18.8 million) and 1.1 percent of children

age 4 to 17 (664,000) had taken a fish oil supplement in the previous 30 days.

Dietary sources of DHA and EPA are fatty fish, such as salmon, mackerel and trout, and shellfish, such as mussels, oysters and crabs. Some nuts, seeds and vegetable oils contain another omega-3 called alpha-linolenic acid (ALA).


Best Fish Oil Supplements



How to Choose a Fish Oil Supplement


There are many high-quality fish oil supplements available on the market, but here are a few factors to consider when choosing the best one for you:


Purity: Look for a supplement that has been purified and tested for contaminants such as heavy metals and PCBs.

Omega-3 content: The most important active ingredients in fish oil supplements are EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). Make sure the supplement you choose has high levels of these fatty acids.

Form: Fish oil supplements come in various forms, including capsules, liquid, and gummies. Choose a form that is easy for you to take.

Brand reputation: Look for a reputable brand that has a good track record of producing high-quality supplements.


Some of the best fish oil supplements brands available on the market include: Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega, Optimum Nutrition Fish Oil Softgels, Carlson Labs Very Finest Fish Oil, Nature Made Fish Oil Softgels, NOW Ultra Omega-3 Fish Oil Softgels.



Fish Oil Supplements to Consider



Best Overall Fish Oil Supplement / Best Liquid:


Ultimate Omega



  • The most populat Ultimate Omega concentrate, recommended by doctors worldwide: 1280 mg total omega-3s (soft gels); 2840 mg total omega-3s (liquid).

  • Made exclusively from 100% wild-caught sardines and anchovies, with a great lemon taste.

  • Award winner! 10+ industry awards, including Delicious Living‘s Best Omega-3.

  • Non-GMO verified and 3rd party purity tested, surpassing the strictest international quality standards.

  • Offers support for heart, brain, immunity, and more.


Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega



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Best Fish Oil Subscriptions:


Care/of Fish Oil Softgels



  • 2 softgels offer 2000 mg of Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil and 600 mg of Omega-3.

  • fish oil is sustainably sourced from wild Alaskan salmon and includes essential fatty acids.

  • produced using a cold-press, extra-virgin extraction, similar to methods used to make olive oil.

  • Thrid-Party Tested, Non-GMO, Certified C.L.E.A.N., Gluten-free, with no unnecessary fillers.


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Best Fish Oil with an Ideal Ratio of EPA DHA:


HUM Nutrition OMG! Omega the Great



  • This high potency formula includes omega-3 fish oil, with an ideal ratio of EPA DHA, sourced from wild, small fish for purity with a vitamin E boost for skin health.

  • Without the fishy aftertaste, unlike some fish oil supplement products.

  • Gluten free, vegan and non-GMO. Clean Label Project Certified and Non-GMO Project Verified.


HUM OMG! Omega The Great



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Best Fish Oil Supplement with CoQ10:


Thorne Omega-3 with CoQ10 Capsules



  • Thorne’s Omega-3 with CoQ10 contains the two most vital omega-3 fatty acids from fish – EPA and DHA – combined with Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) for synergistic support and enhanced absorption.

  • Highest quality fish oil available from sustainably sourced cold-water fish.

  • The molecular distillation removes contaminants, including PCBs and heavy metals.

Thorne Omega-3 with CoQ10 Capsules


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Best Cod Liver Oil:


Nordic Naturals Arctic Cod Liver Oil



  • Sustainably sourced in Norway, this award-winning Arctic Cod Liver Oil™ is the gold standard.

  • Offers 750 mg total omega-3s (soft gels) or 1060 mg total omega-3s (liquid).

  • Made exclusively from 100% wild Arctic cod.

  • Available unflavored or in natural lemon, orange, or strawberry flavors.

  • Winner of numerous awards, including Clean Eating Magazine’s Clean Choice Award.


Nordic Naturals Arctic Cod Liver


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Best Prenatal:


Nordic Naturals Prenatal DHA



  • The American Pregnancy official Omega 3 supplement, to support brain development in babies during pregnancy.

  • 830 mg total omega-3s; 400 IU Vitamin D3.

  • All natural strawberry-flavored or unflavored soft gels.

  • Award winner! Taste for Life’s Top-Notch Award.

  • Easy-to-swallow, smaller soft gel size.


Nordic Naturals Prenatal DHA



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Best for Children:


Nordic Naturals Children’s DHA Gummies



  • A tasty way for kids ages 2+ to get a substantial daily serving of omega-3s in a fruity, tropical flavor, zero-sugar gummy.

  • Promote healthy brain and nervous system development, and immune function.

  • No artificial coloring, flavoring, or preservatives.

Children's DHA Gummies



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Best Algae:


Nordic Naturals Algae Omega


  • The number 1 algae oil brand in the United States, which offers a plant-based EPA & DHA.

  • A potent omega-3 option for vegans or vegetarians who want to meet their daily recommended serving of Omega-3 fatty acids.

  • Made from sustainably-sourced microalgae, this vegan omega-3 formula is a great choice for people who don’t eat fish to get essential Omega-3 support.

  • Certified 100% vegetarian by the American Vegetarian Association.

Nordic Naturals Algae Omega



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Best for Joints Support:


Nordic Naturals Joint Support



  • A potent blend of Omega-3s,  shellfish-free glucosamine sulfate and undenatured type II collagen.

  •  Helps support joint comfort and mobility, cartilage recovery and joints flexibility.

  • Made from 100% wild-caught sardines and anchovies, to support the repair of cartilage and the rebuilding of healthy joints.

Nordic Naturals Joint Support



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